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It’s another update again; I will try blog actively when I am free so that I can gather more reader from other country also. (France, Korean, Germany and etc)
Singapore is a safe country, that’s what everyone know and that’s what I agreed too. However, what if something happen in Singapore? Imagine you saw a girl got slap or kidnap or just something happen to her, will u mind your own business? Or would you lend your helping hand?
I cannot judge at this topic because I really do not know the answer to it but what I do know is that, when something happen, there are bound to have crowd near at the situation area.

Let’s talk about the recent news; those who have watch this video, those who have nto watch yet just go >
am not going to saying about Alex Ong (I have no position saying him because I’m not there) and because that isn’t what I want to touched about today. What I want to say is, in the video we can see there are people on the bus, and we can say that majority of the people didn’t do anything about it. Only the minority (2 out of dunno how many people) just sit there and watch. Minding their’ own business, this is what irritates me the most. For those who didn’t try to help the old lady, think about this, would you want people to help your relative when such thing happen to them? Will you want them to just sit down and watch? This is unacceptable. I really admired the girl and the old uncle who stand up and tried to stop him, at least they tried to do something rather than sitting there acting blur. This is Singapore, we are one big family, and we should help out each other when such things happen. JUST don’t help people to do anything illegal.

I am just trying to voice out. But who am I to do that? I am just one person out of so many people in this country. But if we stand together, I believe the change in our country can be visible.
I shall stop here; I would like people to comment right at my post, to tell me what to type for my next topic. Deeply appreciate!

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