[Recap] Going to Brunei as an Military Police.

Hi guys, this post is specially made for those Military Police trainees (MP) that are considering about going to Brunei but do not know what to expect over there.

*Disclaimer* - I am sharing my experiences for the year that i went there (2014-2015). I am very sure that they are some changes to the camp, but please approach those that just came back for the more updated version. 

During the start of my trainee training as an MP, i knew that they are some overseas posting and i talked to my sergeant about it and declare that i want to go if there is any slot for me. Luckily for me, there are slot for me and hence my 1 year journey in Brunei became the best part of my army life. 

Let face it, the main reason that people choose to go there is for $$ and experience. All i can say that the money is pretty good but you need to learn how to save over there. I am not going to talk about how i spend my life over there, i just going to provide you guys with some context on how is it like to stay over there for a year. 

In Brunei, there are two camps that you might be attached to, Jalan Aman Camp, or Jalan Lakiun Camp. Take Aman is the city camp while Lakiun is more of a forest camp. Do not be dishearten if you are attached to Lakiun, because as an MP man, there will be rotation between the teams hence you will get to enjoy in living at both side of the camps. 

The things that you can bring over are your laptop, phones and some entertainment devices. For Aman Camp, you are allow to use your laptop in your bunk or at the Canteen where they have wifi for you guys to use. (Slow but i still able to dota and skype with gf). 
As for lakiun camp, i don't think you can use it outside of your bunk. If you are in Lakiun, please join in the activity more often, mixed around with the rest of the people. 

Tip1: Download as many shows to your portable hardisk, so that you can watch it throughout the year. 

The shift over there as a MP typically goes like this; 1 day mount and then rest for 1 day. Other than your normal sentry duties, there are some days that have special events (CNY, Hari Raya and etc) where you need to help out even after you dismounted from your duty previous day. It is super tired but oh well, we are needed so suck thumb over that.

In Aman, Whenever your dismount, you will automatically be on standby team. During my time, only one man from my team will be allow to leave the camp. Luckily, there is a team bonding day that we get some other vocation over there to help us so that we can go out to enjoy as an team. 

In Lakiun, Once you are dismount, you are free to go out anytime. However you will need to be back by 6pm because you will be taking ferry out to the city. If you are coming back, you will have to catch the last boat back which is extremely tiring. When i got transferred to Lakiun, i literally just stay on my bed to watch movie or go to the gym to workout. 

Tip2: Be friendly to the people from other vocation as they can help you to cover your standby which allowing you to go out and have fun. 

Generally, the regulars over there are understanding and friendly. If you are facing any problem, you can approach them and they will give you some advice. They don't usually give you hard time since you are away from home but always remember, there are some line that you can't cross. Reason is simple, you are wearing GREEN and you are still in camp. 

I am glad that i have met some very good officers during my times in lakiun and also some regulars in aman camp. Without them, my life would be so boring. 

There are activities that they organize which they are trying to bond with all of you. Make sure to participate them if you can, do not be the anti-social guy. Since you are there, why not just spend your life there to the fullest? 

Tip3: Try to eat at the cookhouse more and canteen food less. It will keep your weight and money in check. 

If you are out, and not sure where to go, please ask around your seniors so that they can guide you and bring you around. In Aman, there will be a bus (mini-van) that will fetch you out and back every Wed night, Friday to Sunday. For the timing, please check it when you are there, i have forgotten about it ><. 

If you choose to take cab, you can usually call cab to the camp and fetch you to the place you want to go. It cost about SGD$10 for a trip. If you are sharing with 4 people, why not just take a cab out. 

The usual mall in Brunei that people always go called The Mall. (Gadong Mall). You can watch movie or shop for clothes over there. There are great food around that area, please explore that by just walking around. The other mall that people usually go is call Airport mall which is really very near to the airport. The shopping mall over there are boring, hence i would just go to the mall and walk around that area to explore more stuff! 

There are many places that i cant possibly blog it out, hence go explore it yourself. I went there with zero knowledge of Brunei, but i came back with lots knowledge on where to eat in Brunei. 

Tip4: If you are Chinese and want to eat non-halal food. Please approach one of your chinese regular, they will usually know where to go. If not, you can ask the cab driver if he is a chinese guy. 

Don't quote me on this, but i think you are still able to learn driving over there? The condition of converting an overseas driving license are as follow;
  1. Stay for an year in that country
  2. LOI(Letter of I******) i forgot what is that. Basically to prove that you stayed over there for an year. 
Please go and find out more, because learning driving there is cheaper than learning in Singapore. 

Remember, time flies very fast. In a blink of an eyes, you will be back to Singapore after that. If you are given the opportunity to go, please treasure it and enjoy it to the fullest!

I am going to end this blog post as i have nothing much to share. (I can't reveal some stuff that i did over there. Please email me at oliviercheah@gmail.com to know more if you are interested).


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