[Top 3 Tech News] that you should be aware about

Top 3 Technology News for the week, and it will be the new topic on my blog. I will be posting on every Monday.
(Since my new year resolution is to double my views asap)

The reason for this topic is that i can summarize up some of the tech news that i think are interesting for you. Treat it as your Weekly Dosage of technology news. 

Number 1; Samsung S7 Event

Credit to Samsung

As you can see from the picture, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is on Feb 21st.
What we know about Samsung Galaxy S7 so far? 

According to certain sources leaks, 

Samsung Galaxy S7
  • It will be an 5.1 inch Quad HD display
  • Snapdragon 820
  • 4GB of rams
  • 32GB or 64GB with expandable storage
  • Improved 12MP camera
  • Backing up by 3000mAh battery. 
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • 5.5 inch Quad HD Display 
  • Huge 3600 mAh battery 
Both will be running on Android Marshmallow (v6.0)

Both of the phone design will be similar to their predecessor, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. I do not think they will be coming out with something that has a X factor, where people will scream and clap their hand during their announcement. I am still looking forward to see how they will fare in 2016.

Number 2; Facebook fighting with Uber?  

They are many news saying that Facebook has submitted a new patent which i will call it "Face Ride" for now (Don't scold me thanks)

The idea that they had in mind is that when you RSVP for an event on the Facebook page, they will give you the option below, 
  • Going and driving, 
  • Going but not driving, 
  • Maybe
 If you choose to go and drive, Facebook will try to create a route for you to fetch your friends if you want too. If they are not your friends, they will match you with someone that has similar interest as you. I am not sure whether you can earn any money via this?
(like create a private chat and discuss how much you want to charge them?)

Somehow I am loving this idea of theirs, this could actually improve the usefulness of creating an event on Facebook and invite your friends because you can actually ask someone to drive you there too! Hopefully Facebook can roll out this sooner, and maybe we can see some "points added" if you are the driver.

Number 3;  Apple's secret Virtual Reality(VR) team.

If you team Apple, you will be so happy that they are trying to develop their own VR headset. 
The tech giant has assembled a secret research group which focusing on this area where they are actually creating some prototypes already. Unfortunately there are no leaks on that, hopefully we will see more in the near future.

Honestly, i have no idea why Apple want to join the VR world since they do not have their own console... It may be use for their Apple TV and gaming ideas on it? This is my own opinion! DONT TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY. 

Why VR? 

Thanks to many VR anime/comic genre, lots of developers are trying to create the possible virtual reality world. I do not think a full VR immerse type of games/world would be release anytime sooner. Even Oculus Rift is not perfect. 

End ------

Thanks for reading, hopefully you guys are enjoying it. 
Once again,  i am sorry for my poor grammar/English. 

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