[Tech news] Why Google Pixel has gotten so much attention ?

Sorry for being in a small hiatus (few mths) as i am very busy with my work, family and preparation for wedding. This post will only be mentioning about their Mobile phone product as i am liking it so much and it has gotten lots of attention lately.

Google has announced their newest flagship phone, Google Pixel. They replaced their Nexus line with Pixel name, since their top notch chromebook contains Pixel too.
Lets move on to the Specification first.

Credit: Phone Area

Specification [ Pixel | Pixel XL ] 

Screen & resolution
[ 5 inch. 1080 x 1920 pixel (Full HD) | 1440 x 2560 pixels (Quad HD) ]
Both are AMOLED Display
OS out of the box   
Both will be in [ Android 7.1 Nougat ]

Processor & RAM
Quacomm Snapdragon 821  / 4 GB ram

Both are [ 32 / 128 GB ]

Both have no expension

Both have NFC (Android Pay compatible)

Both camera 12MP rear, 8MP front with Aperture of f/2.0.
Video can be shot in 2160p at 30fps.

[ 2770 mAh | 3450 mAh ]

Both have headphone jack and USB - C

credit: Knowyourmobile


To be honest, the design has no WOW factor as compared to Google Nexus 6p and 5x. Both of the phone variation Google Pixel and Pixel XL look very similar apart from screen size differences. This is the reason why people are saying Google are copying Apple's iPhone 7 and 7s. 

Do not get me wrong, the design is still one of the beautiful premium look as compared to the rest of the high end smartphones. At least they try to make the top half and the bottom half made with different material. (Pun intended) 

At least they still keep the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone. The camera has no hump too, so you do not need to worry about scratching it. 


Credit: Android Authority

Google has been praising about their own camera a lot during the event as they have received DxOMark score of 89, which is the highest so far. According to DxoMark, 2nd in place (88) are HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia XA. iPhone 7 is being ranked at 4th, where iPhone 7plus has not been ranked yet. 

Camera wasn't Google's strong suit for the past years, they might have change the game up for this year! Hopefully we will get to see more image popping so that we can actually judge for ourselves!

Google Assistant

Google are well known for their search, in fact they are the best in the world. They started out with Google Now, where you can speak to it and do some stuff you want. Google NOW hasn't be a real assistant as it don't really communicate back to you. 

Google Assistant can be considered a huge improvement over Google Now, as it can learn on your favorite stuff and remembered it. For example: Ok Google, Show me some dogs photo. it will shows some of the dogs photos to you. If you continue by saying "How about terrier breed?" It will automatically shows you terrier dog breed. You can create a conversation between you and google, the whole idea is to improve your life with an "Assistant". 


Well, Google Pixel XL costs USD$120 more than the standard Googel Pixel but the battery life seems to be a big different too. We just have to use it ourselves when the phone is out. 


So why is this phone getting so much attention? HEADPHONE JACK!. (Just kidding)
Specification will also be the latest and the greatest now for all flagship phone, hence to be able to attracted large number of consumer, they have to tweak it with their specialization and improved what other flagship phones are missing of. 

Firstly, It is their very first flagship phone that cost as much as an iPhone (IT IS EXPENSIVE). 

Secondly, It is the start of an new era for Google, with their newly assistant integrated throughout the whole system. Other than the phone, it also works with their Google Home, Google wifi and etc. 

Thirdly, their camera has been improving year by year. This year they have gotten the highest DxOMark score, hence lots of photographer or those who love to take Instagram photo are being attracted to it. 

Lastly, they are GOOGLE. Software will always be the latest (if available) as compared to the other flagship like Samsung, LG, Huawei and etc. Usually they do not have any skins on top, but this year they came up with their new launcher, which look amazing!

I would definitely be keeping a eye out for this beauty, however i am residing in Singapore... Google's phone hasn't been released in our telco before... Google store does not allow Singaporean to purchase directly too, hence you have to do some complicated stuff before actually able to buy the phone directly. (which will result in warranty issue)

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