Fear is an obstacle, overcome it to grow

I am typing on my new laptop, Lenovo yoga 710! There will be an unboxing video + review coming right up in the near future. (Jan maybe)

I will be touching on a topic that is not relating to technology at all. 


People will have this circle that they refer it as their comfort zone. Everything inside this circle feels so comfortable and relax to stay in, which will make you find it harder to leave that zone in the future. 

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Personally, I always see myself as a carefree person, until to a point that I realised fear is holding onto me. As I start to grow older, more and more responsibility are attaching to me. Whatever decision I make right now, will have an impact to my lovedone as well. I will often stop and think before jumping into any opportunity. Is this the right choice? am I able to do it? what will happen if I do that? 

I am not saying that those thinking are bad, but it will always be accompanied by the negative thoughts in your head. It will start to discourage you and give you thousand of reasons to stay inside the comfortable zone. Eventually, most people will give in to the negative thought because of all those responsibilities they have.

How to counter that? 

1) Learning more about the unfamiliar area

By learning more of that unknown area, it will give you the courage to persuade it. That courage will eventually have you fight all those negative thoughts of yours. By learning the area, it gives you the sense of confident and lowering the risk that you thought you have.

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2) Finding someone that will let you vent out all your troubles

Having someone that listen to your troubles will helps you a lot. They will be able to advise you as a 3rd party perspective. They have a clearer picture of the risk that you might face and also will encourage you which will boost your morale up. 

Obviously, you will have to find someone that will give you good advice and not some other people that will throw your idea/thoughts on the floor, step on it and say "hey, do not dream about it, it won't happen" 

3) Try to mix yourself with successful people or like-minded peers. 

Wherever you go, try to understand those people that you have met. Learn about their ambition, their dreams and their fear. Try to be someone that will actually encourage them to take the leap of faith. As they will most likely be pulling you along or pushing you with them. 

Naturally, you will need to be able to differentiate between those that dare to dreams from those that will only dream about their stuff but will not take any action. 


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I am lucky enough that I am surrounded by people who are so supportive of my decision. Especially my fiancee, no matter what idea or trouble I have, she will always be there analysing and debate it with me. Not forgetting about those people that I have met along the way, they have taught me a lot in the area. With that said in mind, I have already decided to step out from my comfort zone and moving on to the next stage of my life. No matter how scary, I will always know that I have someone that will cheer me up and encourage me not to give up.

My advice for you(my readers), whatever dream you have, go for it! Without action, your dreams will not become reality. Only by doing it, you will then experience the "success" feeling. Do not worry about failure, you will learn from it. Keep on doing, keep on going.

With that being said, 2017 will be a year that I will try to create more opportunity for myself and grab hold to anyone that has the same mindset as me. 

Thank you for spending your time reading this. Hope it is not too boring for you.

*this is not a 2016 reflection blog*

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