Nintendo Switch - Would i buy?

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What is Nintendo Switch? 

It is the successor of Wii-U. (Not Nintendo 3ds).
It was supposed to be a home console but with a twist. They included a portability feature... (switch)

What is inside the Nintendo Switch? 

  1. Nintendo Switch Console
  2. Nintendo Switch Dock
  3. Joy Con (Grey and Neon Color)
  4. AC adapter (USB-C)
  5. HDMI Cable
  6. Joy-Con Grips

Nintendo Switch Features Summarize

1) Plug it and become a home system.
You can plug your Switch into the dock which is connected to your TV in order to play the full resolution and at the maximum performance (1080P). 

2) Plug out to become a portable devices
If you are going out, you can actually take it out and continue to play on the go at 720p resolution. (MAIN FEATURE)

3) Play with a friend easily
If you are playing a game that only required 1 Joy Con, you can actually share it and play with your family and friends. 

4) Amiibo and Infrared for games 
On the right joy con, you can actually use amiibo to help you in the game since it contains NFC. It is also equipped with infrared sensor which will be needed in some games. 

5) USB-C
Why is this a feature? It means that you can charge your Switch with your portable battery! Do note that you need to use a high end USB-C cable, not those cheap low end quality cable. 

6) Online services
Say bye to the friend-code system that Nintendo adopted for their past console. They will be including a lobby for the online mode so that you can join any game easily without asking them "WHAT IS YOUR FRIENDCODE?"
(It will be a paid service like XBox and PS4 in the near feature)

I love the system, but i am not getting it this early...
1) The price is quite high for now... In Singapore, it cost up to $669, bundle with Zelda Breath of the wild and 1-2 switch.

2) Not a lot of game is out yet. Yes, i know that Zelda is a very good game, but i do not want to complete that game and put it aside after that.

3) NO TIME - Personal reason.
I do not have the motivation to complete a game anymore... Like my Pokemon Sun, i have not completed it yet.


If you have extra cash to spend and lots of time to play games.PLEASE GET IT.

It is a very special product that Nintendo created. Even though there are not a lot of games yet, but the line up of the games seems super cool.
Such as Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem and maybe Pokemon game?

Let me know down in the comment below if you own one?
Give me your feedback pls!

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