The era of bezel-less smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ overview

A few weeks ago, Samsung teases us with this "Announcement". 
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Samsung Galaxy now come in two different screen sizes, S8 has the 5.8inches screen while the S8 Plus has the 6.2inch screen. However, lots of tech reviewer who are able to hold the phone at the unboxing event said that it was pretty easy to hold the phone with one hand.

"What has change?" 

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  1. Gone are the home button (the bottom bezel). The home button technically still there, just that it is underneath the screen now and when you press hard, it will give you feedback and bring you back to your homepage. (Virtual Button).
  2. The fingerprint is at the back now, beside the camera.
  3.  IRIS Scanner is there now!
  4. Screen resolution is the same on both phone however now it will be able to play HDR+ mode. It will depend on the video provider. (Netflix and etc)
  5. Dual Pixel camera, for better low light performance and improved camera processing software.
  6. Front camera become 8MP with autofocus
  7. Bixby - Something like google assistant. For example, you can use the camera to search the landmark information or even a product in front of you.

    *Bixby goals is to help you improve your day to day life... Machine learning!
    NOTE!: There is a button on the side to activate the A.I
  8. USB-C now.
  9. Battery - 3000mAh on the S8, 3500mAh on the S8+
  10. Color: Midnight Black, Orchid Grey, Coral Blue, Arctic Sliver and Maple Gold. 
Pricing in Singapore is still unknown yet.


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I am currently using S7 Edge for awhile now, which I am totally in love with it. 
Samsung always produces the best screen which making viewing video so pleasurable.

Even though last year wasn't the best year for Samsung due to the faulty battery incident. However, i believe that they have increased their quality check on every phone hence I still have FAITH in their product!.
I guess I will have to wait patiently for it to arrive in Singapore so that I can feel it personally. Be sure to wait for my hand on post/video and maybe I will buy one myself. 

*Wink Samsung SG* I am waiting for you to contact me =p 

Let me know down in the comment below on your opinion of the Samsung S8 release, will you get one? (You can email me too)

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