IFA 2012

Hello, I shall do a quick Round up for IFA 2012 because i am tired from working 15hrs at COMEX 2012. Btw, I only cover what i think is worth to cover on this blog post. So that you can read and get the information faster.

1: Galaxy note 2

Everyone know that they will announce this phone. Sure they did, but the disappointing part is that they did not say when they will release it. ( According to the rumors, OCT 12 will be the month they are releasing because of IPHONE5 in SEP)
Specs: 5.5 inch screen. (Wow? My pocket can't fit in. Damn) 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor (This is to make opening or playing app faster and many more)
2GB RAM (Impressive, smoother experience.)
3100MAH battery (GOSH: I wonder can i charge once every 2 days? LOL)
LTE 4G and AT&T 3g Version
For more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glyn_oLg7nw

2. Galaxy CAMERA
(Definitely i want to get this)
Click the link to go to the HANDS on video.
This camera packed with JELLYBEAN OS4.1, Not only that is 16 MEGA pixel and 21 Optical ZOOM. GOD? Wait, this is not the only best part.
It came with 3G/4G/WIFI. Meaning that is the FIRST camera that you can SHARE your pictures ON FACEBOOK/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM/FLICKR/EMAIL. LOL.
With Google Play and samsung store in it, you can Download Photo editing APPS to edit your picture real time. However i not sure whether you can play game with it? Video recording: 1080p at 30fps with a retina display? (Apple screen?) The screen is 4.77INCH HD super clear LCD Screen. Hmmm, Everyone, did i say it till you want to buy this camera and throw away your DSLR? :p

3. Samsung 55-inch OLED and the 75-inch LCD TV
Go to this website to know more about it.
I only love this TV because it is SMART-TV(a newer version that got eyes) can track your MOVEMENT. They call it motion TV? ( not to sure about this)

4. More window 8 tablets/Phones/PC. Well, not really interested in this, so i shall not talk about this. For you all sake, i leave the link below so that you can read about it yourself.

 Smart PC:

Smart tablet: ATIV ( A new adventure)

There are many more.... Like fridge, oven and etc.
Visit this link for full details about IFA2012: The end.

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