Apple running out of ideas?

Due to not posting for so long, i decide to do this post.

Is Apple INC meeting their doom? Their market share is going down that is one thing that we all can see. Samsung is catching due to their additional features on the smartphone, one example is SBEAM. This is really cool because i send file very often, having this feature can make my life easier.

I am not siding towards Samsung company, but i am disappointed by how Apple is working now. They are starting to see Money and not on consumer view anymore. Releasing IPAD MINI that is the same as IPAD2 resolution? where is the retina display? Why can't they earn lesser and create a same price point ipad but with a retina resolution, i bet this would attract more 7inch tablet market right? I love the idea of IPADmini, but is just that the resolution is the drawbacks for all these.

Everyone is improving, product need to be improve too. Is hard to keep creating new item, but this is the fact to survive in this world. Even though you are the best once, doesn't means you would stay as the best in the long run.

On the side note, Nokia lumia looks cool, if their camera does what they say, it would be a hit, and i am sure that windows market would increase if all things work well.
Another thing, windows 8, will it be a pain or will it help people in the experience of using it? i am waiting for people reviews, for me, i think i will need to go in National service and then see what has the technology improve to. I shall end here, hope you all enjoying on what i think.

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