Nvidia Shield Table - Best Android tablet that you can buy right now?

Quick look at Nvidia Shield Tablet. 
(I read up people's reviews, watch hand's on video and checking on the specs to come up with this opinion Post) 

Quick summary of Nvidia Inc. The company manufacture Graphic processing Units(GPUs) as well as  System on a chip units for the mobile computing market. NVIDIA is becoming the first OEM to launch a serious gaming tablet running Android. While gaming tablets have been done before, they’ve been few and far between. Now it has always been technically possible to take a high end tablet and make it usable for gaming, but for the most part these attempts are marred by either the need for root or an application that requires extensive work on the part of the user to create proper control profiles for each game. In addition, the SoC in the tablet is often underequipped for intensive 3D gaming.

This is the original Nvidia Shield that was released to the market on July 2013. It received quite a lot of good comment for it. However, This device wasn't able to unleashed to it full potential. It's powered by their Nvidia Terga 4 Process that people really loved and being able to Stream computer game directly to this controller - Perfect. The reason why it isn't unleashed at it full potential because there are still limited game that can be streamed. 

And now 2014, they released their next generation of Shield. - Nvidia Shield Tablet 
  • Powered by Terga K1 Processor
  • 8Inch IPS LCD display (1920 x 1200) 
  • 221x126x9.2mm, 390grams
  • 2Gb of Ram
  • 16gb(wifi) or 32gb(wifi + Lte)
  • USD $299 or $399 + $54 for the controller
  • MicroSD support up to 128Gb
  • Running on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and future Andriod L too. 
  • 5MP rear camera and 5MP Front facing camera
  • Battery Life : 19.75Wh 

The tablet itself is very sturdy and the speaker grilles are in front of the tablet. With that, it would make gaming more enjoyable as the sound would not be covered up by your hand. If you able to see the picture at the side, it definitely resemblance Google Nexus 7 in terms of design. 
It also has a stylus that is similar to samsung galaxy note (Pressure touch)
In most of the review, they all did say that the battery life is decent, able to get u up to 7-8hrs of usage. which i really think is okay because it has such a powerful processing chips and able to run for that amount of timing? (wow)

You can stream it to your tv via WiFi or via HDMI cable. This work pretty well for the game streaming part as some of the game obviously can't be played on tablet, yet now they are able to. 

The 2 thing that i want to mention is the 

  1. Nvidia Grid - This is the stand alone library of game that you can stream and play on your tablet. However you do need a speedy wifi to do that. (4G network are able to stream the game). 
  2.  GameStream, It only work when you are at home. As you connect to your PC via pin number and stream it to your tablet. Both are great, but they are still lacking of multiplayer games. 

And moving on to the controller. 
According to reviews (TechnoBuffalo) The Button, triggers, bumpers, and joystick are all very close in feel
Of course, there's more to the controller than just the buttons and controls. NVIDIA has make used of WiFI direct for communicating between the controller and the tablet. They claims that as compared to bluetooth in drops of latency by half. It also allows for microphone input and sound output via 3.5mm jack through the controller. Which is safe to say that whatever you press on the controller, it will give you what you want even when you are streaming game. 

My opinion

With USD $300 (SGD$375) as the price point, i think i would get this tablet over IPAD for various reason. 
  1. To be able to stream game to your tablet is great because you can just lie on your bed and play it at your own comfortable position. 
  2. Able to use it as a normal tablet and enjoy the full android experience. Knowing that future Android software are supported is a plus to me. 
  3. Great speaker placing - im always the fan of front speaker because back speaker would always lower the sound quality. 
  4. Even though is not a very good display, i think it decent enough for watching a video or streaming youtube video. 
Hence, If you are getting a android tablet, this is definitely the one to be on your list to check it out.  Here is the Review that i watch on youtube. It's from technobuffalo.

Gaming DEMO

Thanks for taking your time on reading this lengthy post. Hopefully it will change your mind on getting other tablet. 

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