Microsoft HoloLens - Our future technology coming to us.

When i watch a movie and they would always use those very high tech stuff, it will make me so envy and i will always be hoping that such technologies exist. Well, Microsoft announced something that lead us to a step closer to that - The Microsoft HoloLens

I have uploaded a video of me talking about this topic. Be sure to check it out. 

 Viewing your favorite soccer channel on the wall, checking your recipe just infront of you, and even pin note on the fridge. SO AMAZING!
 When you are reading something, it will display all those information on the web to your table. This is very helpful when you are study for your exam. You do not need a laptop beside you, just the headset will do.

You can pin lots of stuff in your room and maybe watch a show when you are lying down.  

Right now, we need to wait for more further information about the product itself. The cost, the battery life and it will communicate with your other Window's devices. I am so excited for 2015, this is just only the start of the year and there are so many new cool gadget. I do believe that this is the year where more of virtual reality gadgets will start to surface.

Tell me : Do you think having this Microsoft Hololens will make your life easily? 

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