3 Shows that i have watched recently.

Another non-tech related post, but who cares right? I love to introduce good things to my reader. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading such post. 

I am here to introduce nice shows that i have watched recently, you can catch it on Nexflix or just torrent it.  I love watching police / action type of shows. If we are not the same wavelength, you can skip this post actually. 

1. Arrows 

Another DC heroes kind of shows, the Green Arrow ( 3 Season so far ) In his green hood while holding bow and arrows, fighting all kind of criminals in Starling City. While they slowly introduce Arrow's past, they also show a dark side of the world as sometimes the law can't give justices. Every hero has their own story to be told, and Arrow done a pretty good job in explaining that. ( E.g. Where and how he got his skills ). Their acting skills are pretty good and the fighting scene are cool too. The villains are badass, where you actually feel that you want kill them yourselves. ( just kidding ) 

To be honest, the show is quite repetitive. For example, something happen in Starling City, Arrow goes to investigate and finally capture the bad guys. Luckily when you reached season 3, you will find it more refreshing, as they do a crossover with The Flash. ( No spoiler intended )

Season 1, 2 and 3: 23 EPs each season.
My score: ( 8/10 )

2. Flash 

As compared to Arrow, this show is actually more on the light side. There are tons of cold jokes in it, to lighten the mood. Berry Allen was struck by lighting and hence has the ability to run fast. He was then being recruited and uses his gift to save the world. Like i say before, every super heroes have their own sad past, Berry Allen too. I am not going spoil the whole show for you, so go and watch it. Currently they just finished with their season 1. Awaiting for season 2! The casts for this show are quite new, didn't see them before. I find their skills are still not there yet, especially Berry Allen, i can't feel the "Sadness" in the entire show since his past is quite tragic. Nevertheless, he portray the Flash identify very well.
I find Flash too powerful at the start, even though he is very clumsy in this show.

Season 1: 23 Eps.
My Score: ( 7/10 )

3. White Collar

Look at the handsome face... ( i am not gay ) I have been watching this show for 5 years. From season 1 - 5, his acting has been super good. Extremely talented guy - Matt Bomer. White Collar is a division itself, part of the F.B.I organization where they specially handle fraud cases. Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, a con artist, forger, and thief, is captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse with the FBI. FBI special agent Peter Burke make Neal as consultant and together they solve many tough cases.

I enjoyed this show a lot, as many of the cases they worked on are very exciting to watch and lots of plots twist. Actually you can pick up a few scam trick too! 

Season 1:       14 EPs
Season 2 - 4 : 16 EPs
Season 5:       13 EPs
Season 6 :      06 EPs (Final)
My Score: ( 10/10 )

Thats all for today. Thanks for today. If you like this kind of post, please let me know down below in the comment section kay. ^ ^ 

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