Pioneer RayZ: A cure to the iPhone No-Headphone jack annoyances.

Every since Apple releases a phone without a headphone jack, everyone was forced to use an adapter to listen to music or buy a Wireless Headset. 

The issues that I had with no headphone jack: 
  1. You can't charge your phone if you are using the adapter
  2. Adapter get lost easily.
  3. If you are using a wireless headset, you may need to charge it.
Luckily, Audio entertainment leader, Pioneer came out with a solution that actually solve the issues i had! 

The Rayz Series of earphones- Rayz and Rayz Plus.

  • Smart Noise Cancelling.

    The standard feature for both models as it will scans your ear and optimizes the noise cancelling performance that suits your environment. It has a HearThru mode which lets in the right amount of outside noise so that you can stay in touch with your surroundings without taking your earphones off.
  • Embedded Microphones.

    It will be able to detect where the earphones are out of your ears and pause the songs or video that you are on. Once you put the earphone back into your ears, they will restart your content so that you don't miss a moment at all.

    Additionally, it also support one-button click to mute the mics during a call or you can actually assign certain app to open too. COOL!
    Rayz Companion App.

    You can use their app which allows you to personalize your overall experiences. (Equalizer and etc).
  • Charge and talk.
    Oh yeah, you are able to charge while listen to music too. (BEST feature IMO). 
Worthy mention - Rayz Rally

Rayz Rally uses your iPhone’s deliver clearer calls and bigger sounds.
It's a new kind of experience from a speaker that works effortlessly with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC or Mac, is small enough to fit in your pocket, and amplifies your call experience like never before.

If you are someone that constantly having conferences call or a phone meeting, you can actually consider buying this as it is designed for that purpose. 

  • Pocket Sized
    Small enough to fit in your pocket so that you can bring it around easily.
  • Louder than it looks
    It really does offers surprising bold, crystal clear sound and speech clarity so that everyone can hear and be heard. Perfect for your meetings on the go or office spaces.
  • Smart Button
    You can activate SIRI, play/pause your music, movies and podcasts. Mute or unmute your conference call.
  • Plug and play
    Just plug it into your iPhone and you are ready to go. No setup required.
    (The companion app is to enchance your experiences, hence it is not required to download at the start.)
  • Charge and talk.
    Same as the headphones, you are able to charge your phone while using this awesome speaker too!
If you are an iPhone user and dislike using wireless headset because of the needs to charge it, you can consider purchasing the Rayz / Rayz plus.

As for the Rayz Rally, You can purchase it if you have a lot of conference via phone/macbook.

There will be an upcoming review of the two product, hence sit tight and wait patiently kay =) 

Where to get them?
The Rayz earphones are offered in Onyx and Ice and Rayz Plus is available in Graphite
and Bronze metallic finishes and will be available at, and all
leading audio and electronics stores with suggested retail prices of
S$209 (Rayz Plus), S$149 (Rayz), S$164 (Rayz Rally) 

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