I shouldn't take nap at night because im so energetic now. So i am here to update my blog.

As you all can see the title of my post is about Boy-Girl Relationship.

In the past, relationship is often decided by our parents. They are the one who determine who we are marrying to. Some may say that is a selfish act, why do parent get to decide who our partner is or whatsoever. But do you realize, their "marriage" often last longer than our present marriage couple. The reason is actually quite simple actually, most relationship now based on feeling, (im not trying to say is bad) yes, this is what people call love right? feeling. But do you know why people getting divorce now is getting common because the so called "feeling" faded, hence this is the reason why people cheated on their partner. I am not referring to everyone, i am just saying most of the reason people are getting divorce because of the feeling has faded. As compared to those marriages that are decided by our parents, they got together with no special connection at all but because of their parent's will, they have to make it work no matter what, so they would slowly build a connection between them, working hard together and soon after that, they would have a strong bond created.

Relationship depends not just on feeling, effort must be put into it. Furthermore, Not just one person effort is enough, both of the couple must work hard together to make the relationship work. Sometimes, temptation will be your obstacle. For example, a more prettier or a more handsome people will seduce you, you must be able to resist it. I know is easier said than done, but think back, would u give up stable relationship just for a short and fun fling? (this is for those that are in a relationship alr)One more point, Girls, please take note, Giving them your most precious things won't make your guy love u more. Everything has consequences, before you do it, think about it. I know a lot and heard a lot of guy abandoning their girl because they are pregnant so this is partly of the reason why i decide to talk about this topic.

Yes, relationship may get boring and dull but isn't that applies to everything? Be it in work, school, CCA, show or games. Is all about commitment that describe relationship. It's a special bond shared between your partner, cherish it if you have one. If you do not have, i wish u all find your own special partner and be sure to cherish them too.

I shall end my post now. till next time, smile~

Small eyes LOL.

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