Personal update(2)

IS TIME TO BLOG! Seems like my blog is not updated consistently.

Been really busy ever since school started. Lots of project to rush, work and personal time for myself. Left only DM, Comskill and jap project. This 3 is enough to kill me.
Today just submitted my ERM project, which one component I spend 4hrs to edit a 5min videos, from putting it together to adding subtitle, it's damn complicated. I really want to thanks Bryant chua! His such a good friend! He lend me his baby to me! (Mac pro)
If Tmr got time I shall return it to him.
Got back some of my paper. I find my result better than last sems, all thanks to Lydia motivation. Or should I say pressurize me! Hehe.

For this weeks onwards I will be damn busy because of my work! Working at amk hub from 13-21 jan. My rws job also resume, the biggest news is I'm
Officially a causal stuff. Finally I can tap my card with some attitude now.( I was belong to a HR COMPANY last time ) which do not have such treatment. $$$$$$$$.

I shall stop here already! It's getting too naggy later.

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