distress post.

Just feel like typing out to distress myself.

Why life can't be like drama show or movies, why this world has so many realistic people? i ain't talking about anyone, im just talking in general.

Firstly, In this society, Without a degree you can forget about become a manager in a company(excluding family business or strings-relation). People judge you by your appearance first, if you ugly, fat or not to their liking, they just push u aside or simply treat you as invisible(I got that before, i know how it feels). People are not willing to give you a chance to know you more. ouch? Let's just say you are average looking guy, what they look at next? is your class. They would scan what are you wearing and group you to Low, middle or high class. The first one they would ignore is the low class. For middle class, they would maybe forcefully accept you(depending on your character). For the High class? they FLOCK to you. [R-e-a-l-i-s-t-i-c]
Secondly, Handsome/pretty would get a lot of attention. Why? because of their looks.(Im not saying all handsome/pretty are bad) While everyone would judge those ugly people and call them with a funny name. Being ugly is good, at least they get to wait for the one that will truly accept them. 3 cheers for them
But not all realistic people are bad? Since they are being realistic, means that they do not day-dream around and they do what they want.

I just want to say that please do not be realistic against people. Be realistic in doing things but not in handling people. The end.

Next updates with pictures!

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