personal update (3)

Sorry for not blogging lately, and i did not post any app review. Is a hell of a week, and its still have not end yet.

I been feeling angst lately that any minor thing i would flare up. Luckily i got a cooler being there for me. thanks dear.

It's hurt to see someone you know become a stranger within a few days. I cherished every friendship as there are important to me, but sometimes people just take u as granted i guess? I learn not to assume too much in life, because it make me an ass out of you and me. For a mistake i make, it cost me something huge. Friends are there to bear with you and accompany you through the hardship, ain't i right? But why some would rather watch you die alone? "your words haunts me dude, i can't believe you actually said that, that's what ended the whole thing".
In life, in this realistic world, if you do not go according to their way, they would just eliminate u. I want to thanks for all the things you did for me in the past, i guess this is the end to it.

School hasn't been going well lately for me. Except for jap, the class is fun. I just want to clear this sems asap, when the school reopen, its attachment time! which i do not know where will i be posted to.

I haven't been working lately because of all the projects, test and presentations. I sure do miss working with my captain and adam my manager. Missing giving out drinks to strangers, and receiving my money every week. As for bartini,i sort of miss working there because i get to see the customer expression when they drink the drinks i make for them, a sense of satisfaction?

i guess i will end here, feel so much better typing out all those crap kept inside my heart. it's a stressful week, but i will never stop smiling =) keep smiling guys.

"when one door closes, another door opens, do not dwell in the past, look forward to what it is coming to you in the future, never give up."

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