Reflection period about life.

I just watched this touching video, and it make me reflects on myself.
Why am i complaining about life when my life is much much better than theirs? why am i complaining no money when i am the one who keep on spending and not saving. Why do we make fun of them so much?
Their job is morning to night, approximately 12hrs a day, and their pay is like only $18? What shit job is this? will any people like us choose to settle down with such a low pay? their job isn't easy, their job is very dangerous, if they got injured during work, they cant earned anymore because they have to stop and rest till they recover. They also mentioned that they earn about $600 a month, and they would send back $450. They can survive with only $150/mth. While i look at myself, $300 also not enough for me. "Mother of saver"(9gag trademark) 
I need to learn to appreciate what i got in life, and i must learn to save like them. At least after this video, i wont make fun of them, because of their life is already hard enough, they do not deserve to be mock at. They came here alone, without any friends or family. I really salute their determination, i think i can't compared with them, if u throw me on an foreign country alone, i can't even survive for long. 

That's all i want to say.
And sorry for not posting regularly, been busy working and working. I will try and post more and hope my reader would increase though. That's all. bye :D

It's been a blessing to be with her
Though i have lots to learn to be a better bf
Thanks for tolerating my nonsense and my whining.
Looking forward to the genting trip with you. <3 i love you lydia =)

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