Just temporary using template from blogskins, i will edit my own if i have the time to do so.

(50% Completion i think?)
My crew only got 3 person, me, bryant ( camera man ), Ben(crew). If you are expecting a fast upload of my new video? sorry to disappoint you all. * Im speaking like there are a lot people waiting for my video * LOL.
I need another 2 weeks more to complete it because i have term test coming right up and i feel so stress about it.

What is this blog for?
Well, i will be updating daily on twitter and facebook, but i decided why not i create a blog too so i can update with lots of picture at here! and be sure to follow me on twitter! and i thinking a name for my youtube channel. I HOPE I can think of a nice one. HEHE.

so basically i would end here, i need to get to my studies. KEEP SMILING GUYS :D

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