Been heading to school early with the help of school shutter bus! Comm skill was like unnecessary because is just about job application which I have quite a lot of experience already. I think in every job line, I have work before alr.
After break was 3hour of DATA MINING. It was boring to the max sia .

Went to compass point alone! Pass by Starbucks and they give me drinks again. How nice??? And brought myself curry fishball and mrbean ice cream! Yummy! Then meet mum for dinner..... Hehe. I feel so fat..........

Went home bath and head down to RP study! With Bryant chua! He accompany me because I don't want study alone. How nice?

Today can't do vlog alr. Going home soon and sleep, need to wake up early in the morning to study! I shall end my blog here. Cya Tmr~

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