Decided to take a break from studying and to do a APPS REVIEW !
by the way I didn't jailbreak my phone.

1) Street fighter 4 volt!!!
Is the successor of Street Fighter 4! This version come with more variety of character and it support wifi battle! HOLYSHIT right? Imba game!

2) Battery doctor!
iPhone battery sucks, let's face it. But if you all know how to charge properly, your phone can survive longer! This app will teach u how and show you how long you need to charge and also it has charging history so u can view it anytime u want ^^ useful eh? My phone now can last one whole day le. Always charge your phone till full because u sleep. Overcharge battery drains faster.

3) tweetlist!!
This is the twitter app I'm using now. I find it load faster and better? It's doesn't clash Alot! Cool right? Retweet by holding the "tweets". Is easy to use and a lot more features for you to explore! But it lack of notification, so u still must keep the original twitter to have the function :)

4) Dategowhere
This apps is good for couple! Or for those who are going for a date but have no idea of where to go. * I'm the guilty one * hehe. With this, you do not need to worry about it! Because its has Alot Alot of tips. (100+) from dining to outing and even surprise places! Cool right?

That's all for my apps review guys :) my video is still not complete as I have mid sems test going on. So yeah! Remember to click the nuffnang link and follow me on twitter ^^

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