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Hello everyone, I am back with new topic to talk about. Sorry for the MIA again.

- Everyone in this world are working hard because they want to earn more money and to be rich, and I believe that everyone has a plan to earn more. (Like opening a business, investment or saving plan) The reason that some people will be rich, and some people don't is all because of the word. "Commitment". It's a very important factor in life, whatever you are doing in life, if you got this, you are highly chance to be successful in life.
Reason, starting up a business isn't hard. The hardest part of it is maintaining it for 5 years. Anything less than that is consider trial period. A lot of business closed down is because they do not have the patient or the money to maintain it. There are some business that I know off actually hold on through the 5 years. Start of the year, they make profit, which is only enough to cover the operating expenses. The remaining money is always needed to maintain their business and not for their own personal uses. Bubble tea will be the example, I do not know when is the exact year that bubble tea was founded, but it was said that no one dare to try the new drink for the first year but they are very committed, and started a lot of advertisement, free to try, and even free drinks to them. Luckily they start to attract more and more people and thus, more people got onto this line, and bubble tea became a hit for us.
What I want to say is, there no such thing as quick money, there's only committed money to be earned. IF you have the idea, I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and do the things that you want to do. Don't be afraid of making looses, you can always work extra harder, put in extra effort. It will pay off.
Something worth to consider about getting into now, is gold(investment) as recession is coming, meaning gold would increase! If you are good at web designing, how about setting up a team and look for client?  Freelance job! or any other freelance job if you can think of.

Lastly TIPS
- I going to postpone this topic till next month because I am intending to do a video of it. Let's hope me and my crew would be free to do it. Stay tune :D It will be TIPS TO SURVIVE IN SINGAPORE AGAINST FOREIGNER. (subject may change without any notice)

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