Ranting post.

Hello readers!

This post is going to be a ranting post as i really feel there's a need to.

My life isn't smooth, i am not born rich, well, i am not complaining either.
Is just that when the times is rough, family is the most important role to support u, but sadly to say, mine isnt.
Being the youngest in the family means that i have no place in my family. I will always be the small boy. And the burden of my mom high hopes is on me. I really do want take care of her, i also want her to stop working, but can i? Im not working a full
Time job, im not taking few thousand of salary. How can i do that?
Im just tired, no matter what i do, its seems useless. Haix. But still, shes my mom, i just have to accept it anyway.

Another thing, I LOST MY WALLET WITH MY IC AND EVERYTHING. O curse the person who took and dont want return, its my freaking ic :(

End of post
Cheers mate.

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