Lie to me.

Micro expression
Knowing people expression would greatly help you in daily life. Micro expression is a science terms that is created by a person name Dr Paul Ekman.

Micro expression is a expression that you involuntary show your facial expression on the face, it’s less than a second, hence you need to be trained or know what expression you are looking for. It’s also expressed in seven universal emotions: Disgust, Anger, Fear, Contempt, Sadness, Happy and surprise.  It was later expend with the emotion of: Pride, guilt, shame, amusement, embarrassed, relief, pleasure and satisfaction.

On top, is slight intro of the term called micro expression. I find it very interesting actually, because it’s not actually proven that is accurate or what but if you a bit of the skill of reading faces, it may help you a lot.

I am an insensitive person, hence I tend to say or do thing that will offend people, hence knowing this skill would help me notice that so I would stop doing it. Everyone knows how to tell lies, but how to expose a lie is another thing.

If somehow you mastered of this skill, Poker game is nothing to you but remembered, those who know how to play poker know how to lie well. Poker face is just a term for the face, if you can’t read the face, read their body, if not see the pattern on how they play poker. Everyone will have their own loop hole, so if you can find it, you are a winner on poker. (In my opinion, I think poker also needs luck.)

My recommendation of show to watch is “LIE TO ME”. There are 3 season all together so far, and every season are very entertaining. This show is told by Dr Paul Ekman, he agreed to let the FOX shoot the show too. The cast is very amazing, their skill, the way they act is WOW. This is one of the shows that I watch without skipping any part, because it isn’t boring.

Hope you all find this post educating. Teehee. I shall end here now. Till next time!

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