Quantity or Quality of friends.

Been enjoying the reader i gained because of phewtick. Thank a lot.
Let me go off topic awhile 

Phewticks is not a SCAM, they have the funding to give you money in exchanging of your effort of getting people to scan. A small incentive with great rewards to them.
Imagine you want to gather a huge number of people to download your app, the best marketing way is one to one so far, as one person would encourage people to encourage, and one by one, they downloaded the app. This is how they gain customer database and the catch is, letting first time to get a huge amount of point, normally to get them $10 ++, user would be reluctant to quit because they want to cash out, hence they would scan and scan everyday and try to get people to download too. The catch is that, after the first day you download, the point would get lower, till like 9 points to 60 points, so yeah, is not easy to cash out, but you are able to cash out because some of my friends has already cashed out yet. Just to make things clear, I am not working for phewticks. 

Let's start on the topic called friends. 

If you are reading this post, take a few seconds, and think of how many friends you actually have (meaning you have hang out with them most often) against how many people you actually know. (Course-mate, work friends, Hi-bye friends)

To me, i find that i am closer to my secondary school/middle school friends as compare to polytechnic/high school. The only reason i can think of is that secondary life is 4 years, while poly are only 3 years and most of the time we keep changing class due to different subject that all of us took and as for secondary school, we spend most of the time studying, playing and going out during term break very often. 

The number of friends you have doesn't matter, you can have many friends, but do you have the times to be there for all of them? Give and take applies in everything, if you can't be there for them, please don't expect people to be there for you too. The more friends you have, the more argument you would have with most of them, those that did not having any conflict with you are TRUE FRIENDS.
* My conflict meaning like fight over a small things that who eventually turned into a big problem*
As compared, TRUE FRIENDS are those who you able to think of when you want to go out, doesn't matter if is just a dinner and etc. Yes, TRUE FRIENDS will have conflict too, but both will say sorry to each other. IF NOT, do not call them your TRUE FRIENDS.
To add on, if you are in a relationship, they would understand you and not blame you for not hanging with them. (This is NOT bros over GF, because if you got a GF, i won't BLAME you for not going out)

Another differences of TRUE FRIENDS and friends is the TOPIC that you all would normally talk. Friends would be carefully of what they say, while  True Friends would just say what they have in mind, no matter how random it is. 

I am satisfy with my number of friends (brother and sister) some of them which i may not contact for awhile, they still remain as my true friends. 

To sum up: In life, you do not need many friends, you just need those that you are able to share your problem with. "Quantity is not important for friends, is the Quality of friends that you have serve the purpose of the word friend" 

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