A whole new year ahead

Hello readers, Sorry for not posting for very long as i am getting lazier and have been working a lot.

Strangely, i don't feel refresh even though is holiday for me, maybe due to work bah, but i did gain sth during working. haha.

today is the first day of the year, so what i want to achieve this year?

Aim A" for my major project,i really feel that is a very good apps that my group came up with, and i believe each of our ability we will cleared it NICE and SMOOTH. This is the first team that i can really feel that we are a team...

After my grad, i want travel before i go in NS, maybe i want to work something full-time, maybe go back luxasia? Since all the full-timer still there, maybe ah.

A good year ahead with me and my gf. She need to send me off to NS liao, but i wish she will be busy, so she won't be missing me. lol!

2012 was a good year, because my social circle of friends grew bigger, though i can't go for every outing. I did feel that i loses some of my friends, just some bah.

I am looking forward for the HTC phone, i do not know the name, but i believe it will come with a killer specs, and also maybe samsung S4? and unless iphone5s can come out with news features or maybe they would skip to iphone 6 or called it the new iphone.

My phone is getting worse, so i maybe need to change to another phone!

I shall end here now. ciaos

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