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Hi readers, Sorry for "Missing in Action" for a few months because i really do not have much exciting stuff to blog about, so in order not to bore u all with my life, i will just talk about NEWS and GAMES.

First topic, GAME that i have been playing. It's has been long since a game capture me in playing, maybe because i am playing it with my friends, but still nevertheless the game is awesome. With great graphic, and tactical combat style.
The game is called TERA Online. This game size is a massive 27GB in storage. Meaning even you have a Optic Fibre, it will definitely take you at least 3hrs or more to download it. After you download it, you can just start the game! It's very simple.
To me, the game is a mixture of dragon-nest and WOW(Due to the awesome graphic). It's not like the standard WOW, but is WOW+Dragon-nest. This game would require you to party with people and go inside dungeon for a raid. Which might let you pick up a Superior equipment(rarest of the rarest) and also keep doing quest to level up.

And the link to download the game: Tera website

Be sure to turn back in on friday to my blog for the latest update of SAMSUNG S4 as they will be releasing TMR. I am so excited :D!

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