To people who are dreaming

THIS IS A VERY LONG POST, and is all about my OPINION, I really hope YOU guys who are reading it, would feel what i feel and would agree on it. And i know my English is bad, Please forgive me. 

I am sure that everyone has their own dream when they are young.
But how many people really aimed and work for it? 

Let's talk about me, When i was young, i want to be a digimon tamer. (Yes as childish as it sounds)
I want to make a different in this world, by saving it if is dying. But when we grew older, we knew that it is just an fantasy, is all fake. 

Dreaming about future work this way, Childish > Abit-Childish > Unrealistic > Hard to achieve > Achievable
By saying a unrealistic dream: it means that you want to do that BUT it is really REALLY impossible to do that. (Don't give me the crap that nothing is impossible, show me that fly now without any help. IMPOSSIBLE)

So after having such dream, we tune down abit, to a dream that is achievable but hard. At this stage, we all know we want to be that stage BUT it will not come true if you did not work hard for it. Unfortunately, people would always give up at this stage and tune further down to something that can be achieve easily in life. Sad right? i know. 

My abit childish dreams is to be a ACTOR because of those movie and Drama in singapore, it is not as cool as hollywood, but it is still cool to me. Not the part of being famous that i want, is the part of BEING someone else for that entire drama. Tell me, when can you be someone else? (Actually can, When you are cheating, lol.) Other then that, no way. After that i struck another dream that is unrealistic, to become a singer. (IKR) But i know i can't sing well. I have an monotone pitch (DaMNNN, maybe if is nice i can make it as a hard to achieve dream, HAHA!) However i know that is not possible so i make it as a toilet hobby, where i just bath and sing. (Don't judge) 

So now what? Hard to achieve dream and a achievable dreams. 
It's simple, To earn at least SGD 8K - 10K or more salary. Reason being? I want my future family to live well, and enjoy well. I am sick of my currently family which they are all struggling to live, I DUN WANT THAT. ( I am not poor, nor in the middle class economic family. However the idea of not working IS STILL equal to = NO money) Hence i do not want that to happen anymore. I rather to be the one struggling and see my family with a smile enjoying their life. (not pampering my future children)
This is where i am thinking hard, and working hard(May not looks like it) but i am really working hard.
This is call a realistic dream, ONLY if you make it happen, so to me i taking it as ACHIEVABLE. and not something that is unrealistic or childish dream.

In secondary, my result are freaking poor, but my Vice Principal told me this "If you want to complain about being poor, You are doing good, because you will drive yourself OUT from that problem, I am once from a poor family, i take it in and tell myself NOT to repeat the same situation. You just need that motivation and opportunity" It really wake me up, and just nice when i was in SEC 3, there was a teacher who keep reward student who answers the question correctly, this is the opportunity and motivation to keep me going and eventually my science is Excellent ( How i wish it was my english LOL)

In secondary, getting a pass is achievable, but getting a distinction is hard to achieve but is not unrealistic. 
I love the motivation, and glad that i got the chance. 

But in Poly, i slack off, i do not have any motivation anymore. Which explain the result i get now SUCKS. but i couldn't blame people other than myself. At least throughout the final year, if i put my heart and soul into sth, i will do well. 

Failure in life doesn't mean anything seriously. IT is actually a catalyst to boost your motivation and make you want to work harder in life.

Every step i take, every move i made, i believe in myself. I can't say i am successful yet, but if in the future, you are my friends, i really hope you come up to me and say, You made it, You made it out from the bad situation. 

People who aimed only at achievable dreams, ONLY will be in the middle class or lower, and struggling in life. Don't blame people who do not give you chance, as we all know, if you miss an opportunity it may not come back forever.  

The end.  Thanks for reading once again. 

I just want you to be reassured. 

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