Generation by generation

Hi guys, im back to blogged for this month! is the first day of FEB! WHICH MEAN I LEFT with 11 month in brunei.
Okay back to the topic for today. Generation..

We all do know that everything is improving very fast. I mean VERY.
Let's talk in geek way for me kay, since im all crazy about technology stuff.
Come to this question i came across that our PM LEE was mentioning, he was actually hoping to born later in life, and not now, because the future will be more awesome than now in technology wise.
Our parent doesn't have the chance to enjoy what we have now, and the learning curve is too huge for them as they grow older and expose to more new stuff in life.

Let's treat our parent our founders in everything.

Now to our current generation, we are the one that is building up what they have founded. This is the time to improvise them and make them work more better. People mentioned to PM lee that it's hard to find job, but have they realized that there are more types of jobs than before? it's just that people now are too picky in choosing what they want to do. Our generation should appreciate what we have now actually and we really must thank the previous generation to built up so much for us, letting us enjoyed what we have, like computers, console games, TV, air con, cars and many more. Can you imagine you leading their life?
I mean for me, if without phone for me now, I WILL DIE. (not literally die, is just feel damn weird. haha)

Actually i do agreed to PM Lee, that i would rather born abit later also, where technology is much much more advance... Hoping for a house that is operate by VOICE, a car that can fly, a game that bring us into the virtual world to immerse ourself in what we are playing... (maybe by then everyone need wear specs le. HAHA).  and many more. How exciting right? was hoping i could live till all those stuff come out =x

Okay sorry for the geeky post, i shall end my post =)
CYA next time.  

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  1. Your article is intrinsically flawed. You have a one-sided viewpoint in supporting the government failing to take into account the foreign influx in Singapore right now. Inflation rates are of record-high rates. You have shallow viewpoints, either simply living in denial or cannot be bothered to give a damn to the present situation in Singapore.

    Whatever you are stating in the post, concurs with the effects of the Propaganda the mainstream media has been feeding you. #101 Trivial facts: Singapore's mainstream media has a Freedom Press Index (FPI) of 135 as of 2013. It is equivalent to those third-world developing countries as well as those war-torn countries where the Government controls the media and restrict the free flow of information to its people. In the process of doing so, denying them of their Basic Human Rights, and not adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights pertaining to the section on Freedom on Opinion and Expression.

    Of course, simply living in denial would be an easier alternative, and maybe, just maybe, you would find Unicorns at the end of the rainbow someday.

    1. Well, this post was actually meant to let people know that they are living better now. What they have now, the previous generation doesn't have it. I am not really supporting them, im just merely stating that they do play a part in making this country better.


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