Life is unfair

No one ever said life is fair. But we just have to accept it and tell ourself that our good days will come soon no matter how bad.

I admit, i complain stuff alot, like why this and why that. Maybe i just feel i can managed the things better. Ohwell, thats just me yah. 

Days at brunei is fine, but i still haven really explore this place yet, im been stuck in camp for as long i can rmb. Next week, i definitely will explore by foot. 

My memory is very very bad, i meant it. Not using it as a excuse of what, if i have a good memory i would be doing well in my studies alr right? Is nt that im not learning fast, is there a limit for me to remember. I cant overrun my brain. I WANT TO. But i cant. People just dun understsnd this factor. If i ask someone to rollerblade and the person doesnt know, i wont expect him doing those freestyle trick like me right? Is the same freaking concept. Learning blading dont take weeks. It takes many months. Unless u r freaking talented in it. 
Then should i say ure nt learning it seriously? no right?! Because theres a limit to everyone ability
Like asking pri 1 kid to learn pri 6 subject and expect him to take exam within a month. HAHA. Lame. Cool shit yo. A good mentor will be paitent, no matter who rushed him. 

Im a tution teacher before, my student is smart, but theres something he do not know also right? I give him time to learn no matter how his parent rushed me, by saying he must know that ASAP. Lol. 

Okay end my ranting. 

On the side note
Rumored said that Apple is coming out two size of phone, which actually fighting for the phablet market. Its finally time for apple to move on from steve job limitation.

Galaxy s5 is coming out this year may, based on the source of technobuffalo

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