Bullying: please stop.


I just read a saddening article "After help pleas ignored, bullied student drinks pesticide"
Summary: The boy was teased due to his passed away father and also physically abused, and the peer of his pulled his pants down infront of everyone, eventually he couldn't take it and drank a bottle of pesticide after having his last lunch with his mother n siblings.

I think this is not the only article that student killed themselves due to bullying. I really wondered what is so fun about bullying people? To those bully, are you really happy about scolding someone, and make his self esteem low till he do not want to live in this world anymore? does it even haunt you? i really hope those bully would read this blog man.

To those who got bullied: Please stay strong man, you still have your family to be depend on, is okay you are fat, ugly, or whatever happened to you, you are still perfect to your family, they love you, they need you, and please give them the chance for them to love you back. It's sound cheesy, but its the truth, your life is far more important to go to an waste just because of some moron that has no brain, and feel that they are better than you, but in fact, they are worst than you, this is why they need to bully you to make themselves feels better. Trust me =)

Hopefully the parent would really solve the problem if they tell you they got bullied, do not let it rest. you have to show up to protect them, if not, who will right?
hopefully the bully case would really go down... bless them...

Those with depression also can do such thing also, think of your loved one, do not let the suicidal thinking overrule you. Fight the demon in you, do not waste your life.
Think positively!

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