Whatapps Pass

Just a quick post again regarding about the recent added value service by singtel

Whatsapp pass

Enjoy unlimited local access on WhatsApp for your communication needs with NO DATA CHARGES!

you must understand that, It's a add on services, is not a must for you to buy....
target audience: No data plan user(elderly, or those just call and msg normally, and who like to use whatsapp), Or Those who send photo and videos regularly thru it that will uses up alot of their data plan(kind of retarded but yes) 

it WON'T affect the current users, is not like you use whatsapp, they will charges you -.- come on! read the FAQ before you all judge them based on rumors. 

It's kind of annoying to see people screaming out loud at the wrong things. if you want scold, scold at the correct information you have. it's kind of a faceplam to see people rage on this type of thing. lol.... 

go rage at MRT, TAX la. hahahaha. 

Enjoy :D

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