Smart choice for SMARTphone?

It's so hard to make a decision on which smartphone to get. Hence i complied up some of the Top smartphone specification and their reviews. Hopefully would help u to decide on which phone to get. I will be using phone that run on android because i feel IOS is outdated and boring.

First on my list

Build quality (10/10)
This phone is definitely my favorite. HTC made such a premium looking phone with a aluminium body, it is definitely a PLUS. 


Display: 5inch 
Resolution: 1080x1920 pixel
storage: 16/32 gb
Processor snapdragon 801 qualcomm  2.5GHZ
Front camera: 5MP
Rear camera: 4-Ultra Pixel
OS: running on android 4.4.2 
Battery 2600mAh.
Expendable storage (YES) up to 128GB microsD
Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Fingerprint: No

This phone is a beast. If i would have a choice to recontract now, i would definitely make this as my first choice. The display is a beauty, powerful, huge battery(According to most of the review online, it can last easily throughout a day.) The only drawback for this phone is the camera, i do agree that you can take a very clear picture at night, but you can't zoom in... the picture will be distorted if u zoom in using a computer. It is able to shoot up to 1080 HD video, but it does not come with auto stabilization, which is a drawback. However they got a feature that allow you to choose what object you want to focus even after you took the photo (Due to it's second camera on its back)

Review linkMarques BrownleePocketNowPhonearenaTechnobuffalo

Samsung Galaxy S5

Build Quality (7.5/10)
The Design for S5 is similar to samsung galaxy NOTE3, a leather like texture of the back. However, since i am a IPHONE user, and comparing to HTC M8, the build quality is a little bit sucky.


Display: 5.1inch 
Resolution: 1080x1920 pixel (432PPI) 
storage: 16gb
Processor snapdragon 801 qualcomm  2.5GHZ
Front camera: 2.1MP
Rear camera: 16-MegaPixel
OS: running on android 4.4.2 
Battery 2800mAh.
Expendable storage (YES) up to 128GB microsD
Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Rugged(IP CERTIFIED): Water, Dust resistant. IP 67
Fingerprint : Yes


Samsung S5 is the successor of S4, It's not a huge improvement from the previous generation. However, it does come with some monster specification. For example the Camera is bump up to 16MP, and battery 2800mAh. Processor is the same as M8, but the screen resolution is higher than M8. All the review that i watched praises the screen a lot. The KEY feature that differentiate itself is the Software (Touch wiz ) and the hardware that is Water and dust resistant.
So if you are someone that often perform outdoor activity, this phone is highly recommended for you. The another key feature they tried to push is their Shealth Application, they have a sensor that can detect your HeartRate and other sport watch ability, which is kind of dope.
It also has the finger print sensor, but iphone5s is much better at this category.

Review link Marques BrownleeAndroid AuthorityPhoneDogTechnobuffalo

Sony Xepria Z2

Build Quality (9/10)
This is my 2nd favorite phone right now, because the look of the phone is pure elegant to own.
Beware the phone is covered with gorilla glass 3, it still would break if you drop from a certain height. Phone aren't meant to drop anyway.


Display: 5.2nch 
Resolution: 1080x1920 pixel (424PPI) 
storage: 16gb
Processor snapdragon 801 qualcomm  2.5GHZ
Front camera: 2.2MP
Rear camera: 20.7-MegaPixel
OS: running on android 4.4.2 
Battery 3200mAh.
Expendable storage (YES) up to 128GB microsD
Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Rugged(IP CERTIFIED): Water, Dust resistant. IP 58

The Screen is powered by a new imaging technology, called Live color LED. It's is much thinner and lighter than the predecessor (Z1) Although it's even thinner and lighter, the Xperia Z2 runs on the brand new 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset, paired with a fantastic 3 GB of RAM. The 20.7MP camera on its back is capable of 4K recording, slow-motion video, and adding real-time effects. The Xperia Z2 is powered by a 3200mAh battery, which considerably improves talk time. With all the Spec aside, IT ALSO A PHONE WITH BEAST SPEC and the main key feautre is their water resistant ability. (How i wish iphone have such ability too). The picture took in this phone are a beauty, very very clear. However the picture that the review took at night, it looks choppy. 

Review linkAndroid

HTC M8 : SGD$608 on lite plan
S5: SGD$688 Lite plan 
Z2: SGD$598 on Lite plan


If you want a phone that look premium and do not mind the photo quality (HTC M8 is for you)
If you want a phone that look elegant and with the best camera of 21MP, (Sony z2 is for you)
If you want a phone that look Normal but it filled with Shealth and lots of bloatware (S5 is for you)

Apart from those special feature aside, i would go for M8.
The price is reasonable, due to its quality and also the spec are almost the same as compare to the other 2 phone.

All these phones have IR blaster which enable you to use it on your TV.

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