Bold move by Samsung to stay in the competition

Samsung has announced nt one, but two flagship phone at IFA2014.
Galaxy note EDGE and Galaxy note 4
As you can see from the picture, the left is the EDGE, followed by Note4 on the right. Today topic we will be focusing on EDGE. In term of SPECs, both are fairly similar. (edge vs note4)

*Super-Amoled Screen (5.6Inch)/(5.7inch)
*resolution of 2560x1440(plus the edge screen) a total of (524ppi). / (515ppi)

In term of screen, both are very clear. According to all the hands on video, it is absolutely a pleasure to surf or watch video on this phone. 
Size and weight
H x W x D
*(146x72x7.3mm) / (151.5x78.6x8.3)
*(152g) / (176g)

Judging by this, EDGE is shorter, thinner and lighter than note 4. Before i knew this, i always tot note 4 will be the lighter side, due to edge having a extra screen. It seems that i was wrong about it.

Battery life
The reason why EDGE battery is smaller is because of the side screen which took up spaces and we all know EDGE is a smaller in size. I am guessing that both of the phone can last at least a day with normal usage. 
Samsung also announced the "adaptive fast charging" and "ultra power saving". You can literally char your phone to 50% within 30min and also you can close all those "redundant" system feature to save feature if u on the power saving mode

*16mp on the rear and 3.7mp on the front camera

Both devices rear camera are 16mega pixel that will shoot a total resolution of 3456x4608 and a feature called samsung OIS which is a stabilization feature. It's able to shoot 4k. 

*snapdragon 805 / Exynos 5433
*quad core 
*able to clock up to 2.7GHz or 1.3 and 1.9GHz (depending on the region that determine which processor u getting) 
*4.4.4 kit kat
*4G lTe Supported

Both of the internal specs are abt the same, as i said depending on where you lived which determine what processor u r getting too.

Now lets us move on to the topic of how useful is the EDGE? Isit just gimmick or will it be useful to consumer? 

Remember on samsung phone, you can hold the back button and activate the multitasking bar? Right now for edge, the tools are held at the side of the screen. 

As i watch MBKH hands on video, i like how it seperate the function of the multitasking. For example if i want to record what my lecturer saying, and i need to take down notes... I can swipe my EDGE screen to the recording function and record it. At the same time my main screen can start to take down notes too. It work very smoothly. I bet in the future, when they release the SDK, there will be more features that fully uses the edge screen. 

Does it hinder you when watching movie? Or playing game? 
The answer is no. It will "closed" by itself and if u need to use it, you can simply swipe it and make it appear again. 
One more feature is that, the edge screen will become your control centre. You can switch music or stop/pause the video/music. 

This is a must have basic feature if you want to implement the "extra" screen. Be it twitter, msg, Facebook and other notification you want to receive. You can view it at the side without using the main screen. Maybe a quick view of it? It's a neat feature anyway. 

There are dozen possibility of using this screen, which i believe in the future, people will develop a very good tools for it. 

Should u get this? Or stick to more 4? 
It really depends on you. Whether you will to try the new things. Samsung is all about throwing new things at consumer and see hows the result. So if this EDGE get popular, i believe we will see EDGE 2 and etc. i think it may cost more for edge, not entirely sure about this. However, the screen on the right, which mean lefty might have trouble using it.
I like the whole idea samsung have. It a bold step, but i do believe consumer like you and me would try it. For me i will get it :) 

Okay thanks for reading guys. It's a long post, hope you all have an idea of whats the different between them and what you could do with the edge screen. I will be updating more often as there lots of new phone announced. 

If you are able to leave a comment below, do you think that this will phone will be a hit or a miss? 

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