To be honest : Smartphone innovation are slowing down

Today will be a post on how i feel about smartphones now. 

IFA 2014 and Apple's Conference was held this month and ton of new phones are being announced. 
Apart from a better specification - Better camera, screen and processor, there are nothing new. 
If you got your phone on the year 2013 or early 2014, you will realize that, it ain't much different. 

Yeah, i know the top most anticipated smartphones ( Note 4 & Iphone6 ) are getting consumer very hyped up. With all the new features note 4 & iphone 6 have, but is all just part of a gimmick. 

IF you take a good look at what you are holding now (Note 3 & Iphone5/5s), they are sufficient enough for the day to day use. Personally i am holding on to my Iphone 5 and i am still loving it. I do admit that i like some of the latest smartphone features (Note Edge screen or Iphone 6+ wallet system).

Honestly, if you managed to get the phone now, you will realized it after a few months that "Hey, i am just using it like how i am using my previous phone". 

I do not believe that i am the only that felt it this way, from all the sales figure, smartphone sales are slowing down. They are not selling as fast as it used to be. Hence smartphone maker, it's time to wake up dude! You should start to do ur survey and ask your consumer on what they want. (even though apple finally bumped up the size of the screen, but that is too late for them

What is my "Dream phone"?

  • Larger battery life - hopefully R&D would development some sort of super battery that allows user to use it without worrying that their phone might go flat. (Spare me the: There is such thing like a battery pack crap, it's a hassle to bring that around)
  • Camera that you can zoom in without afraid of loosing its megapixel. (Learn from Nokia Lumia, they got a very good camera for a smartphone, but just on the wrong operating system.) 
  • More Color customization 
This is just what i want, and i pretty sure you have your own "Dream phone" 
Leave some comment below and say what type of features or improvement that you want to see in the future smartphones. 

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