Suggestions for Christmas present 2014

We are just 4 days away from Christmas day, and what to buy is always making you headache. If you do not have anything in mind, here are some of my suggestions.

iPad Mini 3

The reason why i chose this over the iPad Air 2 is because of the weight and portability. The size of the screen is just nice for you to watch your shows, read books, play your games and even browsing with it anywhere. iPad cost about $548 for the 16gb wifi version in singapore. It is best for someone who uses Android phone, so that they can have a taste of using iOS. 

Nexus 7 

Nexus 7 ( 2013) is an alternative choice for the tablet gift if iPad Mini 3 is over your budget. Google released their newest Nexus tablet line this year which called the Nexus 9. However i find that Nexus 9 is too big, which is why i recommended Nexus 7. It is capable of running the newest Android software (5.0) which means you do not need to be afraid of being an outdated device. Nexus 7 (2014) cost SGD $379 while the older version (2013) cost SGD $299 in courts, and for the price of this, what else can you complain about?  

Xiaomi portable charger (10400 mAh) 

Xiaomi is getting popular in Singapore due to it affordable price for their smartphones and accessories. Mi Power Bank is one of the best portable charger that i have used before. It cost only SGD $14 on their website, but it is always sold out. Hence be sure to go and check them out weekly. 

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

My answer would always be the same, when people ask me which smartwatch to get - the pebble steel series. From the picture itself, it already looks so stylish and premium. This is the 2nd series of pebble that they released. A much more lighter and better one. The price of Pebble Steel is higher than the original Pebble but it is definitely worth paying more for it stylish design. The cost of this is SGD $259 on
Be sure to check them out! 

Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser is always my favorite brand when it come to headset/headphone. This one cost just below USD$100 (sgd 120-150). The sound quality of this beast is amazing and look at the design, so sturdy and premium. This one definitely won my heart over to introduce to you guys.


There are lots of gadgets existed in the market now. Some are cheap and some are more expensive. All the recommendations that I just made, considered middle tier pricing. Hopefully you have enjoy reading my recommendations and would help you decide what to buy for Christmas gift. 

Question of the day:
What other gifts do you recommend to get for Christmas? 

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