Google Nexus 6 - A GIANT AND PRICEY Moto X.

Finally Google updated their nexus line with two new products. - The Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9 Tablet. 
While many people are praising the Nexus 9 Tablet, Nexus 6 didn't received good feedback like its tablet line. 

Nexus phone are supposed to be affordable yet powerful due to its pure android experience. However, this year google decided to change their business plan by making Nexus 6 big and pricey. If you are hoping to grab a Nexus phone due to its low price tag, you are going to be disappointed. Google's selling the 32GB version at USD$649  
(The previous version of Nexus has never exceed $600)

I am going break this post into different segments, and i will conclude this post by giving my opinion. (Am i willing to fork out USD$649 for this phone?)

Credit: Google images. 

Design - 

The reason why lots of reviewers said that Nexus 6 is a giant Moto X was because of its design. If you compare to the Moto X next to Nexus 6, the only differences you can spot are the logos and the size. Even though Nexus 6 is much bigger but the design shape remains the same
The screen size of Nexus 6 is 5.96in with 2560x1440 QHD Amoled display with a outstanding 493 PPI. Many phones are starting to adopt QHD display, this is one of the reason why Nexus 6 cost so much.  If you compared it with Apple's iPhone6 plus, Nexus 6 still look bigger but in design wise, iPhone 6plus is slightly lighter and slimmer to hold. The power button is in the right position, and now even the speakers are in the front now, which make listening to music much more enjoying. 

However Nexus 6 is surrounded by metal frame and the shell is rubberized, which makes gripping it much more easier than the previous Nexus 5.

Even though it look like Moto X, Some of the functions that Moto X have are not implemented in Nexus 6. I guess if they implemented it, no one would buy Moto X. 


Since it is running on pure android software, it runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop right out of the box. It sports a flat, yet layered theme among with its menu and the application menu. It's sort of taking cue from Apple where they make a simple interface looks elegant and visually nice to view.

Lockscreen notifications bring the hidden panel to the forefront with email alerts, text messages and other sort of alerts. which make you view them much easier. 

Priority mode is Google's more advance take on the Apple's do not disturb feature, where it will silence the Nexus 6 indefinitely or in intervals ranging from 15min to 8 hours depending on your settings. You can select certain notification that you want to received too. 

This phone packed with a 2.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB of RAM. When it comes to a benchmark test, it is much faster than the smaller iPhone 6plus and samsung galaxy S5 but it loses to Galaxy Note 4 by a bit. 

Benchmark test.


Nexus phones weakness is its camera. Nexus 6 sports a 13MPs with Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor, a wider f/2.0 aperture and Optical image stabilization, which Moto X lacks of. 
It is a huge improvement from the previous generation, In bright day light, the pictures are vibrant instagram-like color but if you compare to those photo that are shot Galaxy note 4, it doesn't really come close when you compared the color accuracy. Maybe it's the post-processing skills. 

There is a feature called Photo sphere that works on Google+, but it is just a gimmick in my opinion. Most of the consumer may not use this feature so often. 

Nexus 6 camera shootout


Nexus 6 battery is tested and graded excellent, by Techno Buffalo and Android Authority. Behind its 6-inch AMOED is a gigantic 3220mAh capacity battery, the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6plus.   

However, Nexus 6 is running Andorid 5.0 Lollipop with the battery-saving optimization of "project Volta" to eek out two extra percentage points

It is able to last about a day and half on travel, which is on par with Note 4 and has more than enough time to look for a power outlet if you need. The only con is that you will not be able to remove your battery like the Note 4. 

The good news is that Nexus 6 is able to take advantage of Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0 technology that boosts battery life quickly and it comes with the special power adapter which they named it Turbo Charger. 


As you guys know, i have been using Apple's product for awhile now. If i were to switch, Android has too many types of brand for me to choose. However, if you compare the prices between other top-tier phones, the price for Nexus 6 is quite close to the rest of the phones, such as Note 4, Note Edge and even iPhone 6.

If you are living in Singapore, and you do not wish to have a phone that is so common among your friends, Nexus 6 is definitely for you. However, the warranty only covers in US region. If not, Note 4 or Note Edge would be better options. Even though it is not a pure Android experience, it still win Nexus by a bit.

I would say Nexus 6 is a simple yet powerful Android phone.

So am i going to buy at full price? Definitely yes. (Since i do not really like to have a phone that is so mainstream.)


Do you feel that the price of Nexus 6 is pushing away consumer from buying it? Feel free to comment and share your opinions about Nexus 6 down below. :D Cheers. 

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