Moto 360 v2 - Sticking to the same awesome design but with much more feature!

If you guys read my blog before, you will know that i love Moto 360 a lot due to their awesome design. The only reason why i didn't get it was because i am a iOS user... which at that point of time, Google's Android wear does not work with iOS. However, everything changed when Google announce that Android Wear can be paired with an Apple's device last week.

- The only condition is that the watch must be a newest version of Android wear- 

Just last week, Moto announced Moto 360 2 at IFA 2015!  This time they come in two version (Guy and girl, 46mm and 42mm respectively. ) 

Credit: Google

Specification for Moto 360 (2):

Display: 360 x 360 (233ppi 46mm) / 360  x 325 (263 ppi 42mm))
Processor: Snapdragon 400, Adreno 305GPU and 512MB of RAM.
Storage: 4GB
Price: USD$ 299 - $499
Straps: 46mm uses 20mm strap, 42mm uses 16mm strap. 
Battery: 400mAh(46mm), 300mAh(42mm)
Method of charging: Wireless. 

Awesome design isn't it?
If you guys know about Moto's products, they always let people to customize their products, which they called it Moto Maker.
You are able to customize the style, the body and material available. If you are those kind of person that wants a unique item for yourself only, this watch is definitely for you. 
Apart from the customization, the band are now easier to change. More types/styles of watch straps will be release in the marketing in the future i guess. 

The only question remaining now is the battery life; Moto claims that the watch are able to use up to 2 days, judging this phrase, you will definitely be charging it along with your phone when you are sleeping. If battery life is so important for you, i suggest you going for the new Pebble times. (go google)

Last but not least, they also release a sport version, which has inbuilt GPS and a special LED display that is easily readable outdoors.

With GPS radio means that wearers are able to go jogging using the top running apps that available in the markets such as RunKeeper and etc.
Pace, distance and other metrics are measured and recorded using the built in Moto Body software. It will also keep track of your lifestyle activities and keep tabs of calorie burn, steps and so on. Obviously heart rate monitor will be included too.


Android wears has been building up their customer base slowly, as it is still consider a niche market. Nevertheless, i still think that having a smartwatch will improve your life by a little bit. If you have extra $$ to spend, why not considering one? If you are a fashionista, just get the original version. If you a sport player, go for the sports version. (obviously right?)  

*P.s: I have just upgraded my iOS device to an Android device now, hence i will definitely be aiming for this smatchwatch as i still have one more in mind. (Asus Zenwatch)

Thank you for reading.


Do you think smartwatch is useful? Comment down below and let me know why you think is useful too.

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