HTC U11 - Rumor Roundup.

HTC will be releasing their latest flagship in a few hours time. The HTC U 11 with the U series glossy design that look simply stunning. (smartphone is like becoming a jewelry already.)

This post is based on the leaked video that was uploaded to youtube (taken down). Luckily it was mirror into another website. 

Display + Processors


5.5 inch with 1440 x 2560 Pixel display.

Equipped with Snapdragon 835 and 6GB ram... Power and multitasker beast? I shall test it out once i get the phone!

Colors and Design

Seems like HTC U11 will come with 5 different colors. (Black, White, Red, coral blue? Ocean blue)
Honestly, this phone will definitely be a fingerprint magnet. As for the design, seems like not much have changed when compared to the last year HTC U series. 


It will be equipped with 12MP rear camera and 16MP front-facing camera for you selfie fanatic. 
Why no wide angle lens? Pardon me for being spoiled by LG G6 wonderful dual lens feature....

Squeeze Feature

As you can see, that HTC included a weird feature. By squeezing the phone, you can trigger certain application or feature. 

The above picture seems like showing the configuration of the squeezing feature. If you have watched the video that I have mentioned earlier on, you will know that you will be able to take a photo, opening up chrome or activate google assistant? 

Gimmick? we shall find out how useful it can get later on. 

Battery + USB C

No details about the battery size yet. However, with such a large phone, it better be a huge capacity battery !!! Luckily we know that it is equipped with USB-C. 

Please come back for the final announcement details tonight!

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