Rumor roundup - Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I came upon Samsung Facebook page this morning and I saw this post. UNPACKED | 23.08.2017.
With a pen pointing to the screen. Definitely, it is referring to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Honestly, I prefer the Note series as compared to the Galaxy series. My previous phone was Note 5 and I felt that I am very productive with that phone. I can take down my ideas anytime and able to highlight stuff with the pen so that I can share that specific point with my friends.

We all know what happened to Note 7 last year right? BOOM! However, I believed that they have redeemed themselves with Galaxy S8/S8+. Since there was no explosion news till date.

What to expect for it? (Based on rumor)

  1. Bigger Infinity Display and a higher resolution

The rumored so far has been swaying to 4K 6.3Inch Display. This means that it will be bigger than the current Galaxy S8+! With a bigger screen, taking note with it will be a breeze! 
Since Samsung has been holding onto the best display crown for a long time, I believed that Samsung Note 8 will carry on the legacy.

     2. Dual Camera (Vertical or Horitzontal) who cares.

@Credit Kevinnguyen

Based on the leaks, Samsung note will come with Dual Camera which was missing from Galaxy S8/S8+. However, there are no credible proofs that mentioned what kinds of dual camera format they are using. I am hoping for something that is similar to LG G6? Since I loved it so much when I was using the phone a few months ago. 

        3. Fingerprint scanner underneath the display. 

This is a hopeful feature that everyone wants since the current Galaxy S8/S8+ fingerprint sensor is in an awkward position. Since rumor state that Apple next iPhone will have that kind of feature, maybe they will try to implement it?

        4. Better S-Pen Functionality

The SPen will come with enhanced feature such as selecting and translating that section of text. Currency conversions can also be done using the S-Pen. Other existing features will be enhanced so that that it will be more natural when using it too. 


Please note that I did not include the specs details as it would most likely be the usual Snapdragon 835 or Exynos processor. USB-C and with an expandable storage. 

In my opinion, Galaxy series is much more of an Entertainment device whereas Note series will be a more productive device for people to use for their work or studies. S-pen will complement and enhance the user experience. 

We shall wait till next months or hopefully there will be more leaks too. 

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