Interesting Tech - EZ-Charm for Samsung Gear 3 and Gear FIT2

"EZ-Link Pte. Ltd., Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAScompliant cards, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Singapore, launched the EZ-Charm Wearable, a new variety of EZ-Charms that can act as add-on accessories for Samsung Gear series of products." 

Over the past years, EZ-link had created many different kinds of charms. The purpose of this is to let commuters in Singapore travel around with their own style. Since travelling with just a card is boring right?

Finally, they have released something which I find it interesting, a charm that which you can attach it to your Samsung Gear 3 or Gear FIT2. (Since I own a galaxy gear 3)

Judging by the picture, it fits in seamlessly and it doesn't look out of place at all. If you are wearing a black band, that would be perfect for it.

Even though it looks small, it does consist of all the EZ-link function that normally an EZ-link card would have. You can tap when travelling via MRT/Buses/Taxi and even tap to pay when you are shopping!
*Not all shop accept EZ-link payment, so please check with the shop before assuming they have such payment method.*

Where to get?

For an exclusive promotional period, Samsung customer will enjoy a free EZ-Charm wearable for every brand new purchase of Samsung Gear S3 frontier LTE (SGD $548), Gear3 Classic(SGD $498) or even Gear FIT2(SGD $298) at all Telecommunication Operators.

Unfortunately for existing gear owner like myself, we are out of luck. It is not available for individual purchase at the moment. We just have to wait for them to release it individually. Oh well. 

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