Nokia 8 - Is it strong enough to make a comeback?

is a brand that was super popular last time. I remember my very first Nokia phone (3210).

However, ever since iOS and Android OS went on dominating the smartphone market, Nokia's Windows OS failed to grab a portion of the smartphone market pie and went quiet for awhile... until now. 

Even though their latest phone isn't bezel-less, it does looks very stunning in my opinion. Especially the copper red color, so eye catching. gosh!!!!. 
Nokia 8 is the top flagship for this series, as they have released Nokia 3, 5 and 6 this year too. The rest of the phones have the similar design, except Nokia 8 comes with the top-notch specification and also dual camera setup. 

Let us dive into the points of this phone should be on the list of your consideration if you are planning to re-contract or simply looking for a new smartphone. 
  1. If you hate to be one of the mainstream people that use Samsung or Apple devices, Nokia 8 is a great choice. I believe the design of the smartphone is very important, especially the color of your phone. Judging by how beautiful the copper red variant looks, it will surely grab someone attentions. Who knows you might get some girl number with it.
  2. In terms of specification, this phone is a beast too! It comes with Snapdragon 835 (same as Samsung S8, HTC u11 and oneplus 5) and 4 - 6gb of ram depending on the model you choose. Sadly the 6gb version only comes in one color for now. Even though the battery is only 3090mAh, it does come with QuickCharge 3.0 and with USB-C port. Additionally, it is still a Quad HD display so you won't be losing out on the resolution too!
  3. A photographer wouldn't be disappointed too as it got 3 x 13MP cameras. Powerful enough for the photographer to take an outstanding photo with it. However, please take note that it is only F/2.0 which means that the low light photo may or may not be that outstanding. However,  Nokia tried to salvage it by using the 2nd camera to take a monochrome picture, some said that it will process the picture using both lenses to create a good low-light photo.
  4. This phone uses a water cooling system, with a large copper heat pipe running through the internals and a graphite heat shield. In layman term, this phone should get too hot even when you are playing intensing game. This type of cooling system is not available in other phones hence would call it a way to make it more outstanding. 

Needless to say, there are some cons to the phone.

  1. Even though it is a Quad HD display, it will still not be as pretty as Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ display. Since it does not sport a bezel-less display.
  2. Not waterproof (IP 68). This phone only gets an IP57 rating, means is splashsproof but not waterproof. So if I were you, I would not bring this phone into the shower room.
  3. If you were to compare to oneplus 5, obviously this is going to be expensive. BUT if you were to compare it with other top flagship devices, hey it is actually quite reasonable. 

According to the price found in
It should cost roughly SGD$812. Which is slightly expensive than the oneplus 5. However you are getting a device that is not in the mainstream categories but still consist all of the wonderful features that a consumer would want. 
Rating: 8/10. 

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