Movie recommendation?

Im back to post another stuff from you all to read. 

As u can read from the title, movies. 
Everyone love to watch movie, so do i. I love to watch horror and those mystery crime types, occasionally, cartoon types too. 

I just watched two type of genre last week - Horror and Cartoon

 Horror - The conjuring 9/10
This movie is awesome, normally i give this score for those thai horror movie, but now is for an US film. 

The story was great, as they tried to explained everything. So the movie progress bits by bits, compared to those old horror where they jump here and there. Character acted well, the only thing is the ghost that i dont rly like. Not going spoiled it for you guys, but rly, is still v nice. 

Cartoon - The smurf 2  7/10
 This movie was okay to me, i find the first smurf was much better in the storyline, i think they tired to blend in both human world ad smurf world story, hence it is quite messy and hasty, progress too fast. But the smurf are cute! The movie was quite funny. 

This is all for today post! 
Jus nice finished my lunch while typing this short post out. Hehe. 

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