I can live without game, but i cant live withou food! 

Hi, im back to blog :) its been quite sometimes since im quite busy eating and with army stuff. Going POP LO. Hehe. 

I had been exploring nice brunch in singapore, but first stop was at WILD HONEY, went there with two of my friends. Was recommended by quite a lot people, to try their egg benedict. One of them order their 
English breakfast set - $20 

Its taste great BUT, its not worth the price in my opinion, don't get me wrong, but if u want have a special brunch, u will want to get something special and worth the price. Haha

Next on the menu 
Norwegien SET - $24

This is awesome if u really love salmon a lot. I love their eggs that is wrap with salmon! When i cut the egg, the white and york are still soft. Yummy, totally love it. 

Next i ordered their 
Hot chocolate - $5  

It tasted very thick starting, then i realized i didnt stir (noob), but is nice :)

Overall, the environment is very nice and cozy, queue is especially long, but they their queuing system was using with a ipad, very simple to booked a seat, so i waited around for 15mins only. Definitely will go back again! 

Well, i shall end my post. Till next time :) 

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