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Hi guys, im here to blog once again after missing for some times.

Just to update you all on my life, its greats and awesome now, new people in my life that I know will stay, even though that I am going to be away from Singapore in about a week time for one year. Heading there due to my MP attachment in the camp.

Let's go back to the topic for today.
Cafés in Singapore

It's becoming like a norm that people are visiting café for their brunch or coffee. (I am one of them too as im now currently at "The plains" at 50 Craig Road and having their latte.
The Plain Cafe 50 Craig Road #01-01 Singapore
(Near the intersection with Duxton road)
Tel: +65 6225 4387
Daily 7.30am – 7.30pm

If you guys haven visit yet, please do it give a try, its very relaxing here and it feels very comfy. The boss for this shop actually has 2 other coffee in singapore, I have visted 2/3. He is a nice guy that able to talk to if you are interested in opening up ur own cafe.
If you all do read, you all should know there are lots of café in Singapore.
The main thing is, can people taste the different coffee flavour or isit just simply the environment that is attracting people to visit and loving them. I really wondering how many people do actually enjoy the taste. They do taste a bit of different, as for the plains, they uses Melbourne coffee. hence the taste would be smoother a bit.

I am starting to learned the differences in taste of the coffee as I start to realized, do I know what am I enjoying? or im just following the mainstream path, of just drinking coffee. lol.... Nevertheless I do enjoy starbucks coffee, if you really tasted it, their coffee have a slightly burnt smell. Some people do love it, like me I guess. haha.
Let's sum up before it's start to wordy and all. I am really studying coffee, n the different type of roasting, I having plan's to start up my own coffee café that really want to let people to enjoy the different type of taste and the coffee art that is appealing to people too. This one year of my at brunei would be uses for coffee studies.
*Coffee are bitter by nature, but you can always add something sweet in it, is just like human's lives, is bitter by nature, but you yourself can make it sweet.* Coffee quote by me.  

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