Expectation for smartphone and smart watch.

Hi guys, im back to update my sad little blog.
it's getting colder in here.

Today i will be talking about technology.
The expectation of smart watch and smartphone.

Let's talk about smartphone, is getting more and more boring.
Face the truth, there's really nothing much to be improved. Other than camera, processor speed, i think there isn't really anything "NEW". yes this is the keyword.

Iphone5s introduced the fingerprint scanner, is a good function to use, but it isn't groundbreaking. its not something that will WOW everyone. I can still remember when iphone 2G appeared on the market, no one want other type of phone. I have to admit, APPLE didn't create something entirely new, but they improved it till everyone love it, it's a kick start for all phone to escape from the boring and dull keyboard. Which soon all followed into the market, and TADA. phone looks the same now. Especially Android. The only key thing that company can be different, is their software. (TouchWiz, from samsung, Sense 6 from HTC and etc). I do admit that, this changes the feel and the way people use their smartphone. Android is indeed a better customization phone to use, which im those simple user type that want a fast and stable phone and fill with lots of apps to play.
Hopefully we get to see a new type of phone (GOOGLE MODULAR)
This phone allow customization on the outside of the phone because i love my phone to look special and you can change the specs too. HOW GREAT? Go google it :D


I still cant decide whether this product will be a hit in the market or fail. However i do like the idea of it.

Reason 1) When you have a smart watch, u will never miss a notification. It will always notify you that "Hey, you have an msg, email and etc." which i always miss it because my phone will always be in silent mode.....

Reason 2) Some of the smartphone will alert you when u leave ur phone behind when you left the place or to be short "HEY U FORGOT YOUR PHONE" which is kind of dope feature. I always lose my stuff easily, i believe with this, it will always remind me where's my phone.

What is stopping me from getting one?
Is not waterproof yet.... To me, a watch that is not waterproof still feel sucky, because when you wash your hand, it will come in contact with the watch definitely.....
( i mean the one that work with IPHONE5..... I know that sony smartwatch 2 is waterproof, but it's doesn't communicate with iphone =/)

I really do like pebble smart watch, but.... im still prefer to watch for IWATCH. though it's not going to be cheap. DAMN.

pebble 1 is on the lleft
pebble 2 steel is on the right.

it's look very awesome man.

Source: http://blog.getpebble.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/140106D.Pebble-and-Steel.png

My thoughts for the war of technology....
I might change a operating system, because iphone is getting boring for me. I been using it for so long now. (Iphone 4 till now iphone5)
Im looking forward to many many products that is coming out, like iwatch, virtual reality console and google modular (project ara)

Okay, i shall end my post here, sorry for being such a freak on technology
too bad im not a reviewer, though i hope to be one. HAHA. the end.

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