Late update! (iOS8 features)

Apple wwdc was held on 2nd june 2014, at this event they introduced two new software. Mac OS yosemite and iOS8

We shall focus on iOS 8 for now. I kind of like the speaker for this event, he would crack some jokes which lighten up the mood.

So lets what are the new features? We shall cover what i think is the most useful update :) 

iOS8 is the start of "customization" within the OS itself, it introduced their widget, 3rd party keyboard.

List of what application extensibility will be affected

In a simple term, your app will be more interactive than before. You can select the action you want take right within the notification.
For example, if you are bidding a guitar on ebay, you can pin in to ur notification and receive the updated price and u can outbid people just by tapping "bid" in the NC(notification) 
Another example is vscocamp, you can select photo filter by taking a picture with your stock/default camera and select "vscocam" within the setting and it will bring up the flitet that you can use from that application. There are many things that developer can do with this new features! Awesome future for the software. 
Lastly we are going to have our 3rd party keyboard! Ohyes! 

Notification centre
This is one example how notification will be affected with extensibility. It is so much useful now. 

As you can see from the picture, now when you use spotlight to search stuff, it will act like "google" 
Be it a application, movies, information, contacts, emails and etc, you can use your spotlight to search for what you want now. How easy is that???

As you can see, apple now start the bundling system. Hopefully i can see my favorite game bundle in the store for me to purchase next time!  

This is something like samsung Shealth, but to make this work, you need to have a 3rd party product. For example gearfit?(i not sure of the product)
Whatever information the product that you wear gathered, it will be recorded into healthkit where you can have one look at all the information about your health. They are working with major hospital so that they can transfer the information into your kit. 

Messaging and fav contact 

This two pictures show him demostrating the quick reply function (i think it is very smooth and easy to use. People do not need to jailbreak to get this function anymore) 

This will be handy in many case, u can call, message or facetime them just at your multitasking mode.

Another familiar feature (whatsapp and telegram) now they have include it into the stock messaging app! Recording video or voice message. 


Other than all the visible features, one more feature that i want talk about called continuity where uses the wireless connection to connect all apple devices.

-for example you are editing a document using your ipad, and when you are reaching your iMac, u can put down your iPad and click on the continuity button and the document u editing just now will be there on your iMac! 

Phone calls
- if someone called you, and your phone is being left somewhere else in your house while you r using ur Mac, u can simply just use your Mac to answer the call now.

-blue bubble and green bubble text msg where they are seperated last time, between iphone user and non iphone user messages, which ipad couldnt receive your green bubble. Now with this feature, they allows you to receive it! So you can use your ipad to send out a normal text messages 

- iOS8 is not a very big change, but it improved a lot of the features in the software, it will defintely benefit both user and developer! They are still ton of features that i didnt cover in this blog. Be sure to check out :

Thanks for reading ! Hope you enjoy this post. 

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