Nintendo E3 2015 - Upcoming Games for Nintendo 3DS (1)

When i look at all the news for Nintendo E3 announcement, those games that are coming to Nintendo 3DS are something that people won't really expect it to be here. I am going to list some games that are coming to this particular system. There will be many parts to this post, since i am going to list 3 games per post.


1. The Legend of Zelda - TriForce Heroes

The Legend of Zelda aka TLOZ, has always been my favorite puzzle hack and slash game.  The game evolve drastically in terms of graphics and the game-play experiences. The recent release of Zelda Majora's mask was considered a hit remake in the series. I was quite surprised when they announced Tri-Force Heroes. 
Usually Zelda games are for single player, where you play as link to collect fragments of stuff and try to save the world. However, Tri-Force heroes have 3 main hero. If you are playing alone, you will have to switch between 3 character to clear the dungeon puzzle. If you are in CO-OP mode, you and your friends will have to work together to fight boss and clearing puzzle. ( BONDING TIME WITH MY FRIENDS ). Unlike Monster Hunter, the enjoyment for this game is clearing puzzles in the dungeon and showing the Boss who is the BOSS! ( Their tagline ). This remake also added new feature such as "Power attire", where you will have different attire to wear and each of them have their own skills enhance.

Watch the game trailer down below!

2. Metroid Prime: Federation Force

I am not a Metroid's fan, in fact i never really play Metroid series. (If i did i can't remember). At first glance for me, it like another CO-OP game, that instead of you using sword to fight monster, you use GUNS! Pretty concept right? The video of the game looks bad actually... Due to the "Bad graphic" and rigid gameplay. You can only slide, or shoot the boss. I believed that the weapons will be able to customize, but i don't think this is enough to attract people to buy and play the game.
FYI: lots of people are complaining about the Metroid's look in the game, like some block game. (Bad choice Nintendo)

Watch the trailer down below:

3. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Animal crossing is a simulation genre game and for this series, you take on the role of a home designer! I never been a fan of Animal Crossing, i am more towards Harvest Moon kind of game. Honestly i think girls will love this game more. From the trailer, i can see that you move to the city and start your work as a home designer. Basically your life is just all about designing people house. There are some "Card" for you to use if you are playing on the New Nintendo 3DS due to the NFC function. The card feature enable you to add them into your town... forever alone. hahaha.

 Watch the trailer down below:

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