Nintendo E3 - Upcoming Games for Nintendo 3DS (2)

Another 3 games that are coming up for Nintendo 3DS!

1. Hyrule Warrior Legends

Look at the dope game art, it make me so excited for this game just by looking at the trailer! I always love to play dynastic warrior in the past via PSP. Right now they make a similar game but with the character that i grew up with. (Zelda and the rest !!!) How awesome is that? The gameplay look super sleek and smooth too. This game has been release on the Wii U already, who knows that Nintendo 3DS is capable of handling the graphic. This is a must play game if you love hack and slash game like me! Basically there are quite a number of character for you to choose from, and each of the character have their own special skill which add game experience even better. 

Watch the trailer !! WATCH IT! :

2. Fire Emblem - Fates.

The origins of Fire Emblem games will be a war genre. The stories of Fire Emblem series are always based on a country being takeover by one bad guy and you have to slowly build back your armies to fight back. The key thing to take note is, you only play as one country but right now you are able to choose whether you to play the white version, or the dark one. 

I am not a hardcore gamer, i only completed the game when i played it on Gameboy advance. I couldn't complete the 3DS version - Fire Emblem Awakening. That is just me, as i not really a fan off turn based strategy games which i will always find the game-play very slow. Nevertheless, i always love the story-line of these type of games as they would have a very good storytelling part, which bring the character closer to the user. I would recommend it if you love a good strategy game and the long hour game-play. 

Watch the trailer down below. 

3. Bravery Second - End Layer. 

This game has always been compared to Final Fantasy as this is a game about four heroes saving the world, and you won't go a minute without being bludgeoned by references to Square's bigger series. If you don't get the hint from the Phoenix Downs and Firagas, two significant characters are actually named Edea and Steiner. I can't say much about this game because i didn't play it, but i guess i am going start with Bravely Default first. It is a turn based game, similar to Final Fantasy, but with the feature called "Default". Where you can choose to attack in advance or protect yourself. It make the games more challenging.

The genre of this game is JRPG, which they focus more on story rather than game-play. There are tons of classes to choose to form your team, hence you will certainly love this game if you like to play the old Final Fantasy games. 

Watch the gameplay down below:

Thats all for part 2. There will be part 3, will be the last!

Please leave a comment down below for any feedback! Thanks!

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