[Food Intro] Chock Full of Beans - 3D LATTE ART!!!

It is time for my another food intro, since everyone love to eat anyway. (Sorry for the bad photos, due to my lousy phone's camera) 
  1. Chock Full Of Beans

    Address: 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, 500004
    Phone:6214 8839Hours:· 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

If you do not know yet, they are famous for their 3D latte art. Like the picture below:

Ice Hazelnut Latte and Ice Caramel Macchiato ( $6.50)

I had the Ice Hazelnut Latte, It was pretty good. This was the first time that i drink Hazelnut latte though, and it was good. The taste of the hazelnut really mix well with the coffee. My girlfriend had the Caramel Macchiato and i tried it, it taste a bit bitter. Correct me if i am wrong, Caramel should be sweet right? haha. 

Let's move on to the main course. We had the Pork Roulette Pizza and Smoke Salmon Sandwich. 

 Smoked Salmon ($13) 9/10

I tried the Smoked Salmon, it tasted very good (even though i do not like bread/sandwiches). Most Smoked Salmon that i had before was very salty, but you can taste the Salmon omega fats taste. (The oily oily feel but is a healthy oil). Beside the taste, the portion of this are huge. It is very much filling even for me. Give it a go if you are there, certainly you won't regret it. 

Pork Roulette Pizza ($13.50) 9/10. 

The reason why i decided to order a pizza, because i want to avoid being mainstream =x. People who went there usually ordered spaghetti or sandwiches hence i ordered this pizza. I must say that i didn't regret it at all. The pizza taste very delicious as the crust wasn't hard to chew. The pork taste very yummy and was cooked just nice. If you are a pork lover, you will definitely love it.  Even though it was not very hard to chew, i still prefer the crust to be thinner. ( Like skinny pizza ) The opinion is just for my own taste. 

We decided to order the Oreo Cheesecake to try... it turned out to be quite a disappointment. 

Oreo Cheesecake ($6.50) 6/10

Sorry for the low rating for this, it may be biased since i don't really like to eat cakes. I do have my fair share of cakes before, and i believe that the cheese taste shouldn't overpowered the Oreo taste. I actually stopped eating after a few mouth, i do not know how to describe it... Try it at your own risk! haha. *Just kidding*

I have to admit that their craftsmanship is very good, cute cake syrup and latte art. Everything was serve pretty fast, including the Pizza which caught me in surprise. (They took 10min only? if i am not wrong) but they just need to smile more. (Coming from someone with lots of experience in servicing F&B industry)  


I do recommend in going there for a dinner and relax but you have to remember, you have to make a reservation before heading there. (Best is a day before) You can make reservation via their website
Click to go --> Chock Full of Beans
Since it is located at Changi Village, you can take a stroll down the beach which is just 5 min walk away or just head behind the cafe where the rest of good foods are hiding at. 


Comment down below if you know any other 3D latte art cafes, so i can go down and eat !
Thanks for reading. 

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